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Bridge Puzzles

Bridge puzzles aren’t for everyone. If you’re trying to improve your game, other pursuits are more helpful. But if you’re looking for ways to stimulate your mind, these works by Richard are the right stuff. For current puzzles accepting entries go to Open Bridge Puzzles.
Quick Fun
What the Duck?
Guess the Number!
Trivial Per Suits
Who Wants To Be a Duck Saver?  
Short Bridge Puzzles
Bridge Word Puzzles
Four of a Kind
Swap ‘til You Drop
A Finessing Curiosity
Cold Slam in Hand
The Seven Percent Solution
Chances Are...New
Challenging Makes
A Ruff and a Sluff
Tough Victim
Up For Promotion
A Half-Dozen Hearts
Capture the Queen
The Tell-Tale Double
A Tale of Two Tens
Inferential Puzzles
What’s Trump?
Slam Conscious
Only Game in Town
Optimum Contract
Deal Construction
The Three Trick Gainer
The Law of Total Trash
Right-Sided Spades
Diamonds in Distress
Ruff-day the 13th
Two Turtle Doves
Old Scoring Deja Vu
Notrump Ship Down
Fewest HCP Notrump
The Twelve of Spades
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
Valentine's Hat TrickNew
Deal Completion
Top of Nothing
Reese's Pieces
High Cards Amiss I Have a Dream...
Side Construction
No Squeeze
Major Fantasy
Phantom Sacrifice
Lucky Sevens
One Foggy Christmas Eve    
What’s on South?
Dead Man’s Deal
Wrong-Sided Notrump
Blind Leading the Blind
Carding Accident
The Case of the Four Aces
Queens Around
The Jackson Four
When in Doubt
Victory Celebration
Just Another Zero
North by North-West
Bridge with the Abbott
Board Thirteen Blues
The Mighty Deuce
Duck Season Opener
Right-Sided Club Slam
Ending Construction
Deuces and Treys
Spot Card Jungle
The Bricks of Amenhotep
Heptagonal Swap Meet
77 Sunset Swap
Seesaw Recall
Lilliputian Squeezes
Ever More
The Nonagon
Trump Moves to Lilliput
The Ides of March SqueezeNew
Suit Construction
Fail Safe
Third Best Blues
Ready Freddy
Deuce Trey Exchange
Abracadabra, Ace Benign
Diamond Stack
The Deep Six
Middle School Mania
Theatre of the Macabre
Read My Lips!
Delusions of Grandeur
Magic Tricks
Believe It or Not
One Trump Loser
Puzzle Adventures
Puzzlers Anonymous
Can You Solve a Mystery?
The “Great 88” Conspiracy
Chasing Rainbows
Play or Defend
The Snowflake Squeeze
Slam in the Twilight Zone
Crazy Eights
The Oblivious Shift Principle
Slam Dunk
Mind Boggling Makes
The Old Insurance Play
Oversold Overcall
Valentine Magic
The Declarer Reversal
Duck Soup
Lightner Misfire
Perilous Pinochle
Minor Endplays
Ace Grabber
Backward Finesse
Trump Handling
Unblock Buster
Loser On a Loser
Diamond Dilemma
Tenuous Technique
Valuable Discard
Five-Level Hindsight
Mind Boggling Sets
Fourth Best
Take Me To Your Leader
A King’s Ransom
A Ditch in Time
Trickless Triumph
Sure-Trick Problems
Two-Way Finesses Watson’s Play of the Hand
Fantasy Puzzles
Worthless Venture
Toughest Beer in Bridge
Little Deuce Coupe
Yarborough Fair
Against Worst Defense
Game and Beer in Hand
For the Record Books
Fewest HCP To Make Suit Fewest HCP To Make Notrump
Doubled in Spades
World Series of Bridge
High Stakes Rubber
Pay No Taxes!
Venusian Victory
2015-17 Contest Series
Puzzle TitleMonthEntriesCorrectWinnerLocation
Ready FreddyJul 2017277Leif-Erik StabellZimbabwe
Reese’s PiecesJun 2017359Dan GheorghiuBritish Columbia
North by North-WestMay 20173613Leif-Erik StabellZimbabwe
FrozenApr 2017399Duncan BellEngland
High Stakes RubberMar 20176620Duncan BellEngland
Just Another ZeroFeb 20176114Duncan BellEngland
Against Worst DefenseJan 20178525Tom SlaterEngland
The Twelve of SpadesDec 20165616Duncan BellEngland
World Series of BridgeNov 2016659Charles BlairIllinois
Fewest HCP NotrumpOct 20165016Tina DenleeQuebec
Victory CelebrationSep 20164715Grant PeacockMaryland
Doubled in SpadesAug 20165920Nicholas GreerEngland
Watson’s Play of the HandJul 20165115Tim BroekenNetherlands
Cold Slam in HandJun 20165515Dan BakerTexas
Notrump Ship DownMay 20166832Tina DenleeQuebec
Old Scoring Deja VuApr 20166433Leigh MathesonAustralia
The Seven Percent SolutionMar 20164821Martin VodickaSlovakia
St. Valentine’s HandFeb 20165119Grant PeacockMaryland
When in DoubtJan 20164214Dean PokornyCroatia
Two Turtle DovesDec 20154511Hendrik NigulEstonia
The NonagonNov 2015174Dan GheorghiuBritish Columbia
Ruff-day the 13thOct 20152610Tim BroekenNetherlands
The Jackson FourSep 20154721Tim BroekenNetherlands
Third Best BluesAug 20153113Dan GheorghiuBritish Columbia
Queens AroundJul 20152913Dean PokornyCroatia
Diamonds in DistressJun 20154416Tim BroekenNetherlands
The Case of the Four AcesMay 20151912Dan GheorghiuBritish Columbia
Fail SafeApr 20153918Tim BroekenNetherlands
Carding AccidentMar 20154117Tim BroekenNetherlands
Ever MoreFeb 20154316Grant PeacockMaryland
Lilliputian SqueezesJan 2015247Tom SlaterEngland
Seesaw RecallDec 201441Leigh MathesonAustralia
2010-11 Contest Series
Puzzle TitleEndedEntriesWinnerLocation
Right-Sided SpadesPDFNov 201159Leigh MathesonAustralia
The Law of Total TrashPDFOct 201135Dan DangBritish Columbia
Top of NothingPDFSep 201138Tim BroekenNetherlands
The Three Trick GainerPDFAug 201146Edouard BonnetFrance
Blind Leading the BlindPDFJul 201148Manuel PauloPortugal
Wrong-Sided NotrumpPDFJun 201157Tim BroekenNetherlands
The Bricks of AmenhotepPDFMay 201184Tim BroekenNetherlands
Dead Man’s DealPDFApr 201192Dean PokornyCroatia
Spot Card JunglePDFMar 2011117Jonathan MestelEngland
What’s on South?PDFFeb 201171Manuel PauloPortugal
Yarborough FairPDFJan 201166Tim BroekenNetherlands
One Foggy Christmas EvePDFDec 201076Eddy ChoiHong Kong
Two-Way FinessesPDFNov 201058Charles BlairIllinois
Little Deuce CoupePDFOct 201055Zhi Bang LimMalaysia
Toughest Beer in BridgePDFSep 201015Jim MundayCalifornia

More puzzles by Richard Pavlicek are coupled with stories on the Bridge Humor page.


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