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Chances Are…

…You believe the stars that fill the skies are in my eyes…
And if you believe that… chances are you’re crazy

Oh well; as South pretend you experience a temporary return of sanity:

3 NT South S 4 3 2
H 3 2
D Q 5 4 3
C Q J 10 9
Both Vul   West


3 NT

2 NT
S ?
H K Q J 9
D ?
C ?
Table S ?
H A 10 8 7
D ?
C ?
Lead: H K S A Q 5
H 6 5 4
D A K 2
C A K 8 7

West leads the H K, and luckily you lose only four tricks with hearts as shown. Assume all other suit distributions are completely random, except no one can have seven spades, as that player would have bid with 7-4 shape. Assuming you choose the line of play with the best chance:

What is your percent chance to make 3 NT (1) if East wins the fourth heart; (2) if West wins the fourth heart.

Further, assume the defender who wins the fourth heart is just happenstance with no underlying motive, after which East leads a spade; West of course does not (else you could claim).



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1. Chance if East wins the fourth heart
2. Chance if West wins the fourth heart
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