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Pay No Taxes!

The elimination play is well-known in bridge, and I am pleased to announce a new opportunity that will eliminate taxes. Simply transfer your funds to PavCo Cayman Bank, and you too can tell the IRS (Internal Retard Society) to take a hike! Numbered accounts are now available for a very small fee, and there are no credit checks! (We don’t extend credit, so who really cares?) If you got the dough, we got the know, and your profits will grow with no income to show. To get started, just solve this easy puzzle!

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Welcome to the islands! As a special introductory offer, PavCo Cayman Bank will increase your initial deposit* by whatever you can win in a hypothetical round of Chicago (four-deal) bridge at $1.00 a point with your side declaring each deal.

*minimum deposit $100K in cash, gold bullion or ivory tusks

On the four deals you are allowed two doubled (X) and two redoubled (R) contracts as shown. Enter each contract level and strain (e.g., 6S) and the number of tricks won (7-13) trying to win the most you can! Ah, but there’s a catch: Each level, strain, tricks won and score obtained must be unique (i.e., no two alike). Your goal is to win at least $5000, and you cannot claim honors (PavCo and “honor” don’t mesh).

Deal 1 (NV)Contract X   Tricks won
Deal 2 (NV)Contract RTricks won
Deal 3 (Vul)   Contract XTricks won
Deal 4 (Vul)Contract RTricks won

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