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A Tale of Two Tens

Looking at all the hands, can you make this 6 NT contract against any defense?

6 NT South

S 9 8 7 6
H 4
D A K 7
C 9 8 7 6 5
S J 5 4 3 2
H 3 2
D 3 2
C J 4 3 2
TableS Q
H J 10 9 8 7 6
D Q J 10 9 8
Lead: S 3S A K 10
H A K Q 5
D 6 5 4
C A K 10


You have 9 top tricks and it would be routine to establish two more in the club suit for 11. A closer look reveals that East must protect both red suits, so in the ending he will be squeezed for a 12th trick. Well, maybe.

The problem is that West can duck the third club, forcing you to use a diamond entry; then, when West wins his club trick, a second diamond lead will remove a critical entry and kill the squeeze. Try it.

To succeed, you must keep control in both black suits. Win the opening lead, cash the C A and lead the ten of clubs! If West takes this, the squeeze will function easily, so assume he ducks. Now lead the ten of spades! Once again, West must duck to break up the squeeze. You now have an extra trick in spades, so just cash the C K, cross to dummy and establish the clubs to ensure your contract. TopMain

© 1996 Richard Pavlicek