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Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! There’s something here for everyone. See if you have what it takes to be a winning bridge player — or don’t and see if I care.
A Whale of a Tale
Six ‘Ruff’ Slams To Make
Grand Awakening
Bid ‘em Up!
Stayman Everywhere!
Aim For the Sky!
Raises Everywhere!
South Sees Adventure

Quizzes below here are advanced
Responsible Party
Spotlight on Opener
Tell It to the Judge
Secretary of Defense
Judgment Day Is Here
Put Up or Shut Up!
Transfers and Such
Cue-Bids ‘R’ Us
Forcing Notrump Fare
Two-over-One Troubles
Minor Inversions
Doubles by the Offense
A Many Splintered Thing
Enrich Your Bidding
Declarer Play
Chamber of Horrors
Welcome to the Club
Diamonds to Graphite
Spade Detective Agency
Notrump Insight
Valentine’s Legacy
Thirty-One Clubs
Run That By Me Again
An Unusual Experience
Posing a Dual Threat
Eight Ever… or Maybe?
Nine in the Bank
Flannery Chicanery
Five-Level Fireworks
The Gallagher Files
Ninth Inning, Bases Loaded
Plus or Fishfood
The Piranha Strike Back
Defensive Play
Root for the Home Team
Lead Us Not into Temptation
Deliver Us from Evil
Inflicted Choice
Bidding For Real
Crow Low, Crow High
Combatting Preempts
Major? Notrump? Et Tu, Brute?
Escape from The Rock
Opening Leads
Leading from a Dog
Calling a Spade a Spade
The Tell-Tale Heart Bids
Who’s On Lead? Yes!
Witch Lead To Make!
Notrump Workout
Six Notrump On Ice
The Holdup Play?
Murphy’s Law
Slick Tricks for Nine Tricks
Entry Problems
Three Notrump On Ice
Freshly Squeezed
Frosty, the Notrump
Department of Transportation
Suit Workout
How Many Rounds of Trump?
Four Spades For Sure
Slams with Endplays
Ruff Weather
Girl’s Best Friend
Sparkling In Diamonds
Tricks of the Trade
Why Didn’t I Think of That?
Six Chances
Moysian Mania
Clubhouse Treats
Finesse for a King?
Which Suit First?
Book ‘em, Dano!
Holiday Grand Adventure
Fifteen Ruff-Cut Diamonds
Heartbreak Hotel
Mixed Workout
Tricky Plays
Nine Finesses!
100-Percent Guarantee
Clever Plays
Which Finesse?
Free Finesses
Suit Establishment
Look Mom! No Finesses!
Ice-Cold Contracts
Jack of All Trades
If It Walks Like a Duck…
Jettison Jamboree

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