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Freshly Squeezed

On each of these deals the contract is 6 NT, and it can be made with a squeeze play. Do you have what it takes? Decide how you would play each contract.

1. 6 NT South

S A K Q 5
H A Q 10
D 7 6
C 10 9 8 7
Lead: D KTable
S 10 3 2
H K 2
D A 10 3 2


You have 11 top tricks. Squeeze plays usually require that you can win all but one of the remaining tricks. Therefore, you should duck the first trick so you will have 11 winners out of 12. Assume West continues with the D Q and you take the ace. The proper play is to cash three clubs, two spades (in case the jack drops doubleton), three hearts (pitching a diamond), then the last club which will squeeze West.

West held:

S J-9-8-7 H 9-4-3 D K-Q-J-8 C 5-3 2. 6 NT South

S A 4
H K 3 2
D A K 10 9 8 7
C K 5
Lead: H JTable
S Q 5 3 2
D Q 2
C Q J 10 9 8


You have seven top tricks and can establish four more by forcing out the C A. You have to be careful with your communication. Win the H A and cash the H Q to unblock the suit. Lead a club to the king, and continue clubs until the ace is driven out. Assume a heart is returned to dummy’s king and you discard a spade. Cash the S A (key play), cross to the D Q, and win your remaining clubs. The last club will squeeze East.

East held:

S K-J-9 H 7-6-5-4 D J-6-5-4 C 4-2 3. 6 NT South

S A K 5 4
H 7 6 2
D J 3 2
C 4 3 2
Lead: S 10Table
S Q J 2
D A K 4
C A Q 6 5


You have 10 top tricks and need the C K onside to have any chance. This gives you 11 tricks (out of 13) so you must duck a club early to be within one trick of your goal. Win the S Q and lead a low club from your hand. It makes no difference, but assume a spade is returned and you win the jack. Next cash all your top cards in the red suits, cross to dummy with a spade, and lead the last spade (pitching a diamond) to squeeze East.

East held:

S 7-6-3 H 9-8-4 D Q-10-8 C K-J-9-8 TopMain

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