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 by Richard Pavlicek

Some bridge problems are too complicated — if not impossible — to solve by calculation, so the only practical method is to generate and analyze thousands of random deals that fit the conditions. This page archives some simulations of general interest.
Contract Choice
A Bid from Outer Space
Slam: 5-3 Hearts or 4-4 Clubs
Diamonds or Notrump?
Pass or 1 NT Forcing?
Three Notrump or Double?
Spades or Longer Fit?
Notrump or Five Diamonds?
Transfer or Pass?
Stayman or Pass?
Stayman or Not?
Stayman or Not II
Stayman or Not III
Stayman or Not IV
Opening Lead Choice
Which Four-Card Major?
Which Five-Card Major?
Four or Five-Card Major?
Which Suit To Lead?
Lead vs. One Notrump
Long Suit or Punt I
Long Suit or Punt II
Long Suit or Punt III
Long Suit or Punt IV
Long Suit or Punt V
Trump Lead Part I
Trump Lead Part II
Trump Lead Part III
Trump Lead Part IV

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