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Odds & Theory

  by Richard Pavlicek

This page contains studies, analyses, forays into probability theory, squeeze play theory, odds and percentages of many kinds — and some might say the exploits of a mad scientist. I resemble that remark! In fact my middle name ‘Frank’ may be an abbreviation.
Lead Safety Analysis
Notrump or Suit Fit?
Trump Fit Comparisons
Seven-Card Trump Fits
LoTT Variance by HCP
Par for the Course
Positional Advantage
Optimal IMP Strategy
Attitude Signals
Frozen Suits
Leading Authority
Leading from Five
Doubleton Leads
Tripleton Leads
Point Count MethodsNew
Deal Analyses
Grandiose Nostalgia Echelon Play at IMPs Draw Trumps or Crossruff?
Squeeze Play Theory
Pure SqueezesUpdated Non-Pure Squeezes
Probability Theory
Bridge Paradoxes | PDF
How Percentages Change | PDF
Factorials and Combinations
Randomization Techniques
A Combinatorial Problem
Dealing with Constraints
Running Suits
The Same Hand Twice
Long Suit Story
Odds Gone Berserk
Hand Evaluation StatsUpdated
Companion Hand HCP Tables
Kaplan-Rubens Evaluation Stats  
High Card Expectancy
HCP and Controls
Against All Odds
Let’s Make a Deal
Fit To Be Tied
Bag of Tricks
Tricks in a Strain
Solved Deal DD Stats
Solved Deal General Stats
Random Deal General Stats
Hits and Misses
Opening Bid StatsNew
Sleepless Nights
Patterns and Freakness | PDF
Dealprints and Matrices
Mapping Bridge Deals | PDF   Mapping Bridge Endings

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