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Card Play Techniques

This page categorizes and documents card play techniques in bridge, from the basic to the bizarre. Techniques are usually more common for declarer than on defense, but there is no difference in theory; card play is uniform around the table. Each technique is shown for North-South in its most basic form. See About the Techniques for further information.
Notrump Feasible RBN
Establishment | PDF
Finesse | PDF
Throw-In | PDF
Two-Suit Squeeze | PDF      
Double Squeeze | PDF
Pure Squeeze | PDF
Guard Squeeze | PDF
Clash Squeeze | PDF
Progressive Squeeze | PDF
Miscellaneous Squeeze | PDF
Two-Suit Strip Squeeze | PDF
Miscellaneous Strip Squeeze | PDF
Trump Dependent RBN
Trump Control | PDF
Ruff | PDF
Ruffing Finesse | PDF
Ruff-Sluff Endplay | PDF
Trump Coup & Endplay | PDF    
Trump Squeeze | PDF
Trump Strip Squeeze | PDF

This edition (updated 3-23-20) documents 683 techniques. It is not complete — a goal that may be unreachable.
Feedback is welcome regarding omissions, corrections, categorization and nomenclature. E-mail Richard


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