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  by Richard Pavlicek

These articles by Richard Pavlicek have appeared in various bridge publications (mostly in Florida) from about 1991 to present. Articles are grouped by their primary play theme, though in some cases the choice is arbitrary. Within groups, articles are ordered chronologically.
Broken Scoring Fix Chess Follows Suit Believe It or Not
Notrump Technique
Counting To Avoid a Guess
Combine Your Chances
Bold Bidding Wins
Man’s Best Friend
Finesse Missed
Wrong Suit First
Timing and Control
Misfit Troubles
Timing at Suits
Planning the Play
Guessing a Queen
Moysian Fit
Matchpoint Tricks
A Matter of Time
Trump Handling
Major Two-Suiter
Feasible Foresight?
Fateful Discard
Foiled Again
A Chess Game
Let Them Eat Clubs!
Delicate Timing
Equal Opportunity
Trump Control
Which Way To Finesse
Where’s the Queen?
Retaining Control
Moysian Mission
Transfer Trauma
Delicate Decisions
To Finesse or Not?
World’s Worst Suit
Tenuous Trump Tale
Hard Knocks in The Big Easy
Ruffing Technique
Dummy Reversal
Ruff Day At Work
Elope! Don’t Finesse
Those Pesky Queens
U.S. Wins Big!
Key Defense Missed
Crossruff Elopement
Wound & Rewound
Bridge on Ice?
Ruff Day at Work
Close but No Cigar
Never Give Up!
When in Doubt…
Moysian Slam
Silver and Gold
Suit Establishment
Precision Defense Sparkles
Slam Bidding Gadgetry
Suit Establishment
Two 4-1 Breaks
22-Point Slam
Delicate Decisions
Squeeze Plays
Apparent Danger
The Metz Grand
Compound Squeeze
Ruffout Squeeze
Amazing Grace
Greed Costs Slam
Holiday Flashback
Pushed Around
The Step-Winkle
The Poison Queen
The Florida Squeeze
No Strings Attached
U.S. Tops Norway
Transfer Trauma
Leading a Lady
Olympic Preview
Canada Wins the Gold
Cash and Carry
Bizarre Triple Squeeze
The ‘46 Deuce Coup
Throw-in Plays
Bridge For All Ages
Waugh of Arabia?
Ten Tricks On Ice
No Squeeze
Little Known Facts
Eight Never, Nine Ever
Wrong Ending
Elusive 12th Trick
Wasted Deuce
Two Missed Boats
What If in History?
Hammerin' Harmon new
Deceptive Play
Beautiful Bidding?
Back To the Future
Reverse Geometry
Low from Dummy
Florida Belles Are Ringers
Slam Bid Wins Match
Amazing Ending
Can’t Get There!
An Extra Chance
Easy Does It
Hold That Ruff!
Squeeze Defense
Jack Be Nimble
Grand Adventure
Play or Defend?
Foresight on Defense
Third Hand Low
Two-Bid or Zoo-Bid?
Dramatic Finish
Heart of the Matter
Minor Blackout
Holiday Gifts
The Jettison Defense
Passive Suit Preference

Many more articles by Richard are on the Bridge Columns page.

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