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Online Matches

This page contains results and stats of Richard’s BBO matches, including topical analyses. At the end are writeups of three “Goldway” matches from OKbridge, especially memorable though saddened by the passing of two great icons.
BBO Matches
All Match Results General Stats Double-dummy Stats
Topical BBO
One Club Uncontested | Versus
One Club Contested | Versus
One Club Competitive | Versus
One Diamond Uncontested | Versus
One Diamond Contested | Versus
One Diamond Competitive | Versus
One Heart Uncontested | Versus
One Heart Contested | Versus
One Heart Competitive | Versus
One Spade Uncontested | Versus
One Spade Contested | Versus
One Spade Competitive | Versus
One Notrump Uncontested | Versus
One Notrump Contested | Versus
One Notrump Competitive | Versus
Two-Bid Uncontested | Versus
Two-Bid Contested | Versus
Two-Bid Competitive | Versus
Strong Opening | Versus
Preemptive Opening | Versus
Three Notrump Opening | Versus
Doubled Contract | Versus
Slam Uncontested | Versus
Slam Contested | Versus
Slam Competitive | Versus
Goldway Series
Goldway Challenge ‘97 Goldway Challenge ‘99 Goldway Memorial Challenge

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