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 by Richard Pavlicek

This page contains results and stats of Richard’s BBO matches in a searchable database. At the bottom are writeups of three “Goldway” matches from OKbridge, especially memorable though heart-wrenching after the passing of two bridge icons.
BBO Matches
RP Match Results RP Match General Stats RP Match DD Stats
Topical BBO
One Club Uncontested | Vs
One Club Contested | Vs
One Club Competitive | Vs
One Diamond Uncontested | Vs
One Diamond Contested | Vs
One Diamond Competitive | Vs
One Heart Uncontested | Vs
One Heart Contested | Vs
One Heart Competitive | Vs
One Spade Uncontested | Vs
One Spade Contested | Vs
One Spade Competitive | Vs
One Notrump Uncontested | Vs
One Notrump Contested | Vs
One Notrump Competitive | Vs
Two-Bid Uncontested | Vs
Two-Bid Contested | Vs
Two-Bid Competitive | Vs
Strong Opening | Vs
Preemptive Opening | Vs
Three Notrump Opening | Vs
Doubled Contract | Vs
Slam Uncontested | Vs
Slam Contested | Vs
Slam Competitive | Vs
Goldway Series
Goldway Challenge ‘97 Goldway Challenge ‘99 Goldway Memorial Challenge

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