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Bridge Basics

  by Richard Pavlicek

Bridge Basics by Richard Pavlicek is a textbook for beginners. Fundamentals of the game are explained in 12 progressive lessons, each followed by a quiz. In addition there are six review quizzes, a glossary of bridge terms and instructions on how to keep score.
Lessons with Quiz
1. Introduction, Preliminaries, Bidding, Play
2. Point Count, Opening Bids
3. Bidding Goals, Responses to One Notrump
4. More on Point Count, Responses to Suits
5. Rebids by Opener
6. Declarer Play
 7. Overcalls, Takeout Doubles
 8. Two Clubs, Weak Bids, Notrump Structure
 9. Stayman Convention, Minor Suit Responses
10. Bidding After a Raise
11. Slam Bidding
12. Defensive Play
Review Quizzes
Opening Bids
Responses to Opening Bids
Rebids by Opener
Rebids by Responder
Overcalls & Doubles
Responses to Overcalls & Doubles
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Bridge Basics is not a comprehensive text. At the outset a student should learn a little bit of a lot of things, rather than try to master any particular area.
This way, bridge can be played immediately. Only after gaining experience should a student pursue the finer points necessary to become a skillful player.

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