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This page contains published articles by other writers that featured Richard Pavlicek [R], his wife Mabel [M] or son Rich [J]. Titles in italics are of general interest (no bridge hands). At the end are some personal updates by Richard.

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Personal Updates

[August 2011]. Mabel is holding on pretty well physically, but cognition is virtually zero. The sound and video motion of a large-screen TV keep her content, and she loves her meals. Seeing her comfortable keeps me happy. I really miss the top-level bridge competition and long to return, but for now I have to play the cards I am dealt. Thanks to all who have expressed kind regards.

[August 2012]. The passing of Neil Armstrong evoked fond memories, as Mabel and I were married shortly before the 1969 moon landing. Some people swear this was no coincidence, which reminds me… In all our manned flights to the moon, did we ever learn anything useful? I doubt it, so I wrote NASA with a solution: On future flights only send up astronauts with Alzheimer’s, and we can be sure of it.

[November 2012]. A caregiving aid to deter scratching is to keep a patient’s hands occupied. Today I put a rubber ring (sold as a dog toy but who’s counting) in Mabel’s left hand and a golf ball in her right, then went to fix dinner as usual. When I returned they were perfectly switched. How she managed this with her limited faculty is a mystery, but I could read the feisty look in her eyes to say, “So there!”

[April 2013]. “Meeska, mooska, mouseketeer…” (If you don’t know the next line, you’re too young.) Sad to read today of the passing of Annette Funicello, my childhood idol of the Mickey Mouse Club. Ahh, the memories, glued to the TV set, watching the roll call and antics. My mom of course thought I was keen on Mickey, but it was the womanly development of Annette that picqued my interest. Yes, I was abreast of the situation. “…Mouse cartoon time now is here!”

[September 9, 2015]. Saddest day of my life; the Angels came. Honey, I Miss You

[March 2020]. With the onset of the pandemic curbing travel, and to abate the loneliness of daily life, I decided to adopt a kitten. What a great decision! Naming her was easy… "Mabel Jr." has brought back some happiness to my life.

[September 2020]. I never thought it could happen, but a late-life romance emerged. Cindy has become a great friend, and besides bridge, we enjoy ping-pong and hiking. She also has two cats, so we now have a "full house" (cats over people). Mabel would approve.

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