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Fun Hand

  by Bob Jones

Goren Bridge — October 21, 2022

Today’s deal was constructed for our entertainment. It was created by Richard Pavlicek, one of America’s great players. Pavlicek is from Florida.

West DealsS Q 5 4WestNorthEastSouth
E-W VulH 8 7 3PassPass1 NT3 H
D 6 4 2Pass4 HPassPass
C K Q 9 2Pass
S J 9 7 6TableS K 10 8
HH K J 4
D 8 7 3D A K Q 9 5
C 8 7 6 5 4 3C J 10
S A 3 2
H A Q 10 9 6 5 2
D J 10
4 H SouthC A

South won the opening club lead with his ace, perforce, and exited with the jack of diamonds. East won with the queen and continued with the ace and king. Declarer, according to Pavlicek, ruffed with the 10 of hearts and led the six of hearts overtaking it with dummy’s seven. East won with the jack, leaving this position:

H win 8 S Q 5 4TrickLead2nd3rd4th
H 8 36. EH 45C 48
D7. NC KJS 26
C K Q 98. NC QH KH A7
S J 9 7 6 TableS K 10 89. SH 2S 63D 5
HH K 410. NC 9
DD 9 5Win the rest
C 8 7 6 4C J
S A 3 2
H A Q 9 5 2
East leadsC

East had to give dummy an entry, and he did his best by leading the four of hearts. South played his five and won the trick with dummy’s eight. A spade was discarded on the king of clubs and the queen of clubs was led. East ruffed with the king of hearts, but South overruffed with the ace and led the two of hearts to dummy’s three. The nine of clubs gave South a discard for his last low spade. Making four!

[The gist of this construction, and truly remarkable play, is not how to make 4 H but how to defeat it. See Rudolph’s Revenge. -RP]

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