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Cell Phone Plants

  by Richard Pavlicek

Are you tired of losing?

Does the same pair beat you every time?
Hate to lose another knockout match?

Well, fret no more!

PavCo Wireless has the perfect solution with its new pPhone®!

Most tournaments enforce penalties for cell phone interruptions
and therein lies your solution to victory.

Plant a pPhone® by the chair of your rival

You lose the Club Championship by 6 matchpoints?
No way! A full-board penalty makes you first.

Oh darn… You lose your Vanderbilt match by 7 IMPs?
No way! A 10-IMP penalty makes you the winner.

Integrated PavCo Stealthchip® feigns the identity of any cell account.
Just key in the number! Don’t know it? A built-in search will find it!

Free monogramming

Include your rival’s name (up to 14 letters) and it will be laser-engraved
for an added touch that makes denial of ownership laughable.

Free remote trigger

Just press the button when you see a Tournament Director
and voila — too bad for that pair! You win again!

But wait, there’s more

Are you one of those players who usually finish last?
No problem! Ask about our quantity discounts. With a little ingenuity
you can mine every table but your own, then bingo — first place!

Free shipping!

Price List
pPhone® model  800$69.95
pPhone® model 110099.95
pPhone® model 14301599.95

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Another fine product from PavCo
where the price tag goes on before the engineering begins
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