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Wee Bridge Books

  by Richard Pavlicek

Make your toddler a Life Master!

It’s never too young to master bridge, and PavCo has the solution!
Learning bridge once required knowing adult words. Not any more!
PavCo Press has reprinted bridge books using short words only!
To ask for a four card major, we now teach children Stay, Man!
And we plant a lot of ebony trees, so kids can use Black Wood!
Trouble with Michaels? No problema! When Mike Calls, hang up!

Mothers around the world say…

“My child finessed me out of queen, and I didn’t even have one!”
 -Greta Nokween, Amsterdam
“I changed by toddler’s Huggies — and he double-squeezed me!”
 -Barbara Milor, Rio de Janeiro
“If my son had these books years ago, he could beat his daddy today!”
 -Mabel Pavlicek, Fort Lauderdale
“I fed my baby Gerber strained peaches — and he answered aces!”
 -Lisa Chevrolet, Awesomeville GA

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What Son, Play of the Hand?$25.95
Five Weeks To Whining Bridge26.95
To Bed or Not To Bed27.95
To Bed or Not To Bed (autographed)13.95

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