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Y2K and You

 by Richard Pavlicek

What you don’t know could hurt you!

You’ve heard about the Y2K problems from newspapers, television and the Internet.
But do you know the whole truth? Probably not, so pay attention!
Does your home have a garage? And do you park your car facing magnetic north?
We sure hope not! In fact your entire neighborhood could be in jeopardy.
Do you play Scrabble? And if so, does your Scrabble set have maroon colored tiles?
Oh dear! You had better read the fine print that came with that Scrabble set!
Do you have a phone in your kitchen? Would you answer it at 5:55 PM January 1st?
Just as we thought! You could be in imminent danger!
Have you checked your sock drawer lately? Don’t laugh, this is serious! Some socks
are Y2K compatible, but the rest must be thrown out immediately — or else!
Do you play OKbridge? Are you aware that on January 1, 2000 your Lehman ratings
will drop 28.5 points — unless you know the clever workaround.

The book with all the answers!

PavCo Publishing is proud to release a book guaranteed to solve your Y2K problems
or your money back! Topics listed above barely touch on the expanse of the book.
Bonus! Order before December 1st and receive FREE a Y2K T-shirt with the lettering
“I’m ready! Are you?” (Specify size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, or too fat to matter.)
“Y2K and You” was written by Donald Ribbits, former chief of the Internal Revenue
Service. In the Foreword, Ribbits candidly admits, “I’ve been screwing people all my
life, so this is my chance to give something back to society.” Well, it’s hardly a “gift”
with its price tag, but the investment could save you thousands — and your life!

Free shipping!

Y2K and You (hardback)$69.95
Y2K and You (autographed hardback)54.95
Y2K and You (paperback)49.95
Y2K and You (autographed paperback)34.95

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