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Pocket Slice-O-Matic

  by Richard Pavlicek

It slices, it dices, it cuts like a rocket, and when
you are done it fits right in your pocket

How many times have you wanted fresh fruit from a tree but had no way to slice it?
Or passed up the hors d’oeuvres at a party because you couldn’t cut those sausages?
Or been served a traffic ticket or court subpoena and needed a paper shredder fast?

Well, fret no more!

The PavCo Pocket Slice-O-Matic® will solve all of these problems and a lot more.
Our precision cutting blade is manufactured in Solingen, Germany, from highest grade
tungsten steel, then honed to exact specifications at our Fort Lauderdale factory using
0.06 millimeter diamond dust imported from Baken Mines, South Africa.
Quality assurance! Every Pocket Slice-O-Matic® is fully tested and carefully inspected
before it is shipped. In 15 years of business we’ve never had to refund a purchase.*
   *about 90 customers have tried but eventually gave up
Bonus! Order now and receive FREE a heavy-duty leather pocket liner to protect your
clothes and vital parts. Now you can jog, play tennis or even skydive without worries.
We don’t want any misunderstandings when we talk about chopped nuts.

Buy TWO, get one free

Price List
Model PVS77R (pictured)$39.95
Model PVS77L (left handed)49.95
Model PVS77C (child age 5-12)35.95
Model PVS77T (toddler)29.95

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Another fine product from PavCo
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