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Car Pool Mannequins

 by Richard Pavlicek

Say good-bye to the slow lanes forever!

Tired of seeing cars zoom by on the left? Wish you had joined a car pool?
No problem! PavCo ingenuity lets you drive in the car pool lane by yourself.
PavCo Car Pool Mannequins install easily in the passenger seat of any vehicle
then voila — instant car pool!
We fool the best, and couldn’t care less about the rest! Imagine your ecstasy
as you pass car after car, thumbing your nose at the fools in the slow lanes.
Our patented neoprene polymer construction resists fading and wear, and the
TrueFlesh® color is so lifelike you will soon be talking to your new friend.


No cop in America can detect a PavCo mannequin from a real person, even at
close range. Our previous mannequin versions were vulnerable to strip-search
incidents, but now they’re anatomically correct. Yes, we’ve got the nuts!
PavCo stands behind its product! Should you ever be cited for a car pool lane
violation, we pay the fine. No questions asked — except “How much?”
Five-lifetime guarantee! At PavCo we are pleased to say we have lost a lot of
customers in car accidents, but never a mannequin. Take comfort in knowing
your next of kin will be delighted when you’re gone.

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Car Pool MannequinPrice
Model PV109M (pictured at top)$420.00
Model PV109F (female)400.00
Model PV109B (boy child)320.00
Model PV109G (girl child)300.00

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