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The Toaster Notebook

  by Richard Pavlicek

World’s first pop-out toaster and computer — all in one!

Take it along on every business trip! Get more work done as you make your own breakfast!
Dual front-loading drives not only accept 5 1/4 inch diskettes (single, double or high density)
but also white, whole wheat and rye bread, waffles, flat muffins, pastries — you name it.
Patented circuitry automatically detects media to eliminate worries, such as burning diskettes
to a crisp, or writing your important files on toast.
Intel® Inside! Genuine motherboard serves as a crumb tray and slides out for easy cleaning.
Video mode (EGA, VGA or SVGA) corresponds to toast setting (light, medium or dark) or it
can be customized, e.g., for an SVGA display and to still make light toast!
Supports multi-tasking and multi-toasting! Microsoft Windows® and Pavlisoft Ovens® join
forces with state-of-the-art technology. We pop ‘em out as fast as you can pop ‘em in!
Upgradable! Should your computing or toasting needs change, move up to a Pentium Pro®
and enjoy professional looking toast as well!
Also available in 3 1/2 inch drive format but bread size limited to miniature rye or equivalent.

Users around the world say…

“Everyone in my office has a Toaster Notebook and we work straight through our coffee break.”
 -Richokov Pavlovkovich, Moscow
“The Toaster Notebook has changed my life. I now use my old Dell Notebook as a doorstop!”
 -Rikito Pavlimoto, Tokyo
“My Toaster Notebook is so smart it will boot up on a Pop Tart!”
 -Ricardo Pavlirez, Mexico City
“When my husband goes to a bridge tournament, all I need to pack now is a loaf of bread!”
 -Mabel Pavlicek, Fort Lauderdale

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