Bridge Toy XWD1Wheeler Dealerby Richard Pavlicek
Swap  HandsFormat H T R P L
Dealer D R W N E SDeals 1 4 8 16 24
Vulner D R Z N E BShow W N E S  V4
QuitSeed UseReset Form

Click Deal to start

Settings Enter a range in the appropriate box to constrain lengths, freakness and/or HCP. For example, to deal strong notrumps enter Freakness 0-2 and HCP 15-17. You may also enter an exact value (Hearts 5) or append a plus sign for minimum (Clubs 4+). Note: Extreme settings require intense calculation and may be rejected to avoid overloading the server.

Swap Enter suits to randomly swap. Examples: To deal hands with a 5-card or longer major, set Spades 5+ and Swap SH. To deal a generic pattern, set a specific pattern (at top) and Swap SHDC. Check Hands to randomly swap the two hand settings.

Dealer Select Default, Random, West, North, East or South. Vulner Select Default, Random, Zero, N-S, E-W or Both.

Format Deals are displayed in HTML by default. Other options are TXT, RBN, PBN, or LIN.

Deals Number of deals to create with each Deal click (leave at 1 for continuous bidding practice).

Show Hand or hands to show on each deal (leave unchecked to show all). Check V4 to view all four hands with View.

Seed Current seed of the random generator. Check Use to reuse that number (or any entered number up to 9 digits) to reproduce the same set of deals. If unchecked, generator will be seeded from an internal, unpredictable source.

To practice bidding, contact partner by phone and have him go to this form with his browser. Enter the same settings (if any), the same Seed number and check Use. One of you check Show W, and the other Show E. Bid over the phone. When done click View to see both hands.