Bridge Toy XCC1Card Combination Analyzerby Richard Pavlicek
West  EastNorthWest  East 
 Length in suit Min      Min HCP in suit     
Length in suit Max      Max HCP in suit    
  Vacant spaces Free HCP in hand
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Enter North-South suit holding and click Analyze

North Enter actual cards, or x if insignificant (presumed lowest unspecified). Example: AJTxx. Enter South’s cards in the box below.

Length in suit Adjust if you know about E-W lengths in the suit entered. If East showed a balanced hand, set East Min 2 and Max 5.

Vacant spaces Adjust if you know the exact E-W lengths of other suits. If West has 6 known and East 2, set to 7 and 11, respectively.

HCP in suit Adjust if you know about E-W HCP in the suit entered. If your holding lacks the ace and you know West has it, set West Min 4.

Free HCP in hand Adjust if one opponent is known to have a stronger hand, or more specifically, a greater number of unaccounted HCP. Set both West and East to their portion of free HCP. Results with this setting are not exact but a close approximation, because it depends on which specific cards comprise the E-W HCP.

Auto calculate If desired, select an item from the list to be calculated automatically. Try it and see how it works.

Mode Select whether to display an editable form, plain text, or comma separated values. Select Help to redisplay these instructions and retain settings. Select Save to preserve settings for up to a week; an ID number will be given to Load them when you return.

Precision Number of decimal places to which percents are rounded (zero rounds to whole percents).