Practice RPSPRP System Bidding Practiceby Richard Pavlicek

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Calls To filter by calls, enter any of 1234567, CDHSNPXR, First or Last suit as acceptable to match Opener, LHO, Partner or RHO (up to two calls each). For example, enter 1HS for bids of one of a major.

Seat Enter any of 1234 for opening bids in that specific seat.

Vul Enter any of Zero (none), Both, 1st seat side, 2nd seat side, Opening side, or Non-opening side.

You Enter any of 1st seat, 2nd seat, 3rd seat, 4th seat, Opener, LHO, Partner, or RHO.

Show To reveal calls without a query, enter any of Passes before opening bid, Opening bid, First call, or All calls.

Deal Number of current deal. Adjust if desired to skip forward to the next deal after the number entered.

Deals used here were played on Bridge Base Online by Richard Pavlicek using the Pavlicek System.
Deals are not individually selected or edited, so occasional bad results should be expected.