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Y2K and You

What you don’t know can hurt you!

PavCo Publishing proudly announces the second printing of its highly acclaimed best seller. You’ve heard about the Y2K problem on television, in newspapers, and on the Internet. But do you know the whole truth? Probably not. “Y2K and You” pulls no punches and tells it all! “Y2K and You” was written by Donald Ribbits, former Chief of the Internal Revenue Service. In the Foreword of the book Ribbits candidly admits, “I’ve been screwing people all my life, so this is an opportunity to give back to society.” Well, it’s hardly a “gift” with its substantial price tag, but the investment could save you thousands of dollars — and possibly your life!

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Y2K and You (hardback)$44.95
Y2K and You (autographed hardback)39.95
Y2K and You (paperback)29.95
Y2K and You (autographed paperback)24.95

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