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Bridge Utilities

  by Richard Pavlicek

This page contains Richard’s popular Style Guide, documention of his RBN format, some useful online utilities, and data files helpful to other programmers. But first, check out Richard’s latest software, which you will find intriguing!
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Random Solved Deals  | Binary File FormatsDownload
Bridge Writing Style Guide | PDF Richard’s Bridge Notation Updated | PDF
Online Utilities
Diagram Wizard magical bridge layouts
Wheeler Dealer
Bridge File Checker and Converter
Data Files
Generic Hand Patterns | DTA
Specific Hand Patterns | DTA
Generic Side Patterns | DTA
Specific Side Patterns | DTA
Generic Sideprints | DTA
Specific Sideprints | DTA
Generic Dealprints | DTA
Every Suit Holding | DTA
Generic High Cards | DTA
Specific High Cards | DTA
Bridge Result Scores | DTA

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