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Recommended Links

There are many hundreds of bridge sites on the web. Listed below are the few that, in my opinion, have outstanding content or provide an excellent service. Due to my own limitations, only English-language sites are included.
A New Bridge Magazine English Bridge archive The Bridge World
Newspaper Columns
Frank Stewart (Baron Barclay) Bobby Wolff (2-week delay)
Jeff Goldsmith
Thomas Andrews
Larry Cohen
Karen Walker
Jeff Tang
John Swanson
Article Collections
Bridge Winners Migry Zur Campanile Bridge Blogging
Problems & Quizzes
Eddie Kantar
Jeff Goldsmith
Andrew van der Windt
Brad Bart
Puzzles & Novelty
Hugh Darwen
Thomas Andrews
Eddie Kantar
Don Kersey
Systems & Conventions
Chris Ryall (weak two-bids) David Stevenson (defense to 1 NT)
Bidding Panels
District 8 Advocate Australian Bridge Brad Bart (Vancouver BC)
Online Play
Bridge Base Online
American Contract Bridge League U.S. Bridge Federation World Bridge Federation
Karen Walker (via
Laws of Duplicate Bridge (2016) Laws of Rubber Bridge (2014)
Vugraph Project
Bridge Daily Bulletins
Bridge Village in India
Great Bridge Links

If you know of another site worthy of listing, please advise and I will consider it.

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