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Bridge Calculators

This page contains online calculators created in Perl. I call them “bridge toys” because years ago when I began writing them my wife would often ask, “Can we go out to dinner?” If I told her I was busy she’d continue, “No hurry… when you’re done playing with your bridge toys.” Funny girl, usually got her dinner. Honey, I miss you.
Hand Related
Bridge Hand Evaluator
Bridge Hand Calculator
Hand to Number Calculator
Shape-HCP Probability Calculator
Shape-Points Probability Calculator
Companion Hand Calculator
Suit Related
Suit Break Calculator
Dual Suit Break Calculator
Dual Suit Break Analyzer
Card Combination Analyzer
Suit Layout AnalyzerNew
Deal Related
Hand Pattern Analyzer
Deal to Number Calculator
Personal Deal Creator
Scoring & Strategy
Bridge Score Calculator
Contract & Result Finder
Team Strategy Calculator
Combinations Calculator Prime Sync Calculator


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