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 by Richard Pavlicek

This page contains online calculators created in Perl. I call them “bridge toys” because years ago when I began writing them my wife would often ask, “Can we go out to dinner?” If I told her I was busy she’d continue, “No hurry… when you’re done playing with your bridge toys.” Funny girl, usually got her dinner. Honey, I miss you.
Hand Related
Bridge Hand Evaluator updated
Bridge Hand Calculator
Hand to Number Calculator
Shape-HCP Probability Calculator
Shape-Points Probability Calculator
Companion Hand Calculator
Suit Related
Suit Break Calculator
Dual Suit Break Calculator
Dual Suit Break Analyzer
Card Combination Analyzer
Suit Layout Analyzer
Three-Hand Suit Break Calculator
Deal Related
Hand Pattern Analyzer
Deal to Number Calculator
Personal Deal Creator
Scoring & Strategy
Bridge Score Calculator
Contract & Result Finder
Duplicate Score Tabulator
Team Strategy Calculator
Combinations Calculator Prime Sync Calculator

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