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For Advertisers

Imagine a world without flashing neon signs;
without ugly billboards on every highway;
without mailboxes brimming with junk;
and where advertising were illegal.

Products and services could be judged solely by their merit, saving billions of dollars a year. Then imagine that the money saved is spent on education and medical research. I’m not so naive to believe this will ever happen, but it might convey your chances of advertising on this web site. Please don’t write me to ask.

Make your vote count!

U.S. politicians spawn ugly advertising, wasting their time and our money
except for the joke-of-all-time Trump switch, wasting our time and his money.

Join me on Election Day and mark every ballot
— None of the above —

I’m Richard Pavlicek and I approved this message.


© 2021 Richard Pavlicek