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Opening Bid
Hand Evaluation and 1 Call
Hand Evaluation and 2 Calls
Bidding West (Opener)
Bidding East (Responder)
Bidding South 2 Calls
Bidding South 3 Calls
Bidding South 4 Calls
Bidding East-West
Bidding and Declarer Play
Bidding and Defensive Play
Auction Inquiry
Auction Analysis
Test Yourself
Bridge Movie
Opening Lead
Declarer Play 3 Deals
Declarer Play 6 Deals
Declarer Play 9 Deals
Drawing Trumps
Trick 1 Play North
Suit Combination Declarer
Suit Query Declarer
Defensive Play 3 Deals
Defensive Play 6 Deals
Defensive Play 9 Deals
Trick 2 Lead West
Trick 2 Lead East
Second Hand Play Defender
Third Hand Play East
Fourth Hand Play Defender
Suit Query Defender
Defensive Play Study

Opening Bid
1A17   E2Opening One-BidsExerciseOpening Bid112
2A17Put Up or Shut UpExerciseOpening Bid112
2A29Oh, What To Open!ExerciseOpening Bid112
3T81Diamond DilemmasExerciseOpening Bid(art) 112
3T93Strange Bid-FellowsExerciseOpening Bid(art) 112

Hand Evaluation and 1 Call
1A41   H2What Do You Open?ExerciseEval & 1 Call112
1C41   H4You Make the Call!ExerciseEval & 1 Call112
1C53Oh, What To Respond!ExerciseEval & 1 Call112
1G53Overcall, Double or PassExerciseEval & 1 Call112
2A41Open MindednessExerciseEval & 1 Call112
2C53You Make the Call!ExerciseEval & 1 Call112
2C93It’s Your Call!ExerciseEval & 1 Call112
2G41When Partner OvercallsExerciseEval & 1 Call112
2G93Overcall, Double or PassExerciseEval & 1 Call112
2H81Struggling To CopeExerciseEval & 1 Call112
2V41Defensive BiddingExerciseEval & 1 Call112
2V93Overcall, Double or PassExerciseEval & 1 Call112
3H53Overcall, Double or Pass?ExerciseEval & 1 Call(art) 112

Hand Evaluation and 2 Calls
1B41   H3What’s Your Response?ExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
1D41   H5Bid These Hands!ExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
1K41   H10Oh, What To Bid!ExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
1K53Raising the StakesExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
2C41Points To PonderExerciseEval & 2 Calls112

Bidding West (Opener)
2A81What Do You Open?ExerciseBidding West(art) 16
2D81Rebidding a Five-Card SuitExerciseBidding West(art) 16
2J29Vulnerability MattersExerciseBidding West16
3J81How High the MoonExerciseBidding West16
3T41What’s Your Opening Bid?ExerciseBidding West(art) 16
4G29It’s Your LeadExerciseBidding West(art) 16

Bidding East (Responder)
1C29Responding To One-BidsExerciseBidding East16
2B72Rebids After StaymanExerciseBidding East19
2C81What’s Your Response?ExerciseBidding East(art) 16
2C87Wild and Crazy Hands!ExerciseBidding East(art) 16
2D53Test Your ‘ABCs’ExerciseBidding East(art) 16
2E81A Maze of RebidsExerciseBidding East(art) 16
2H53The Bidding ZooExerciseBidding East16
2H59Can you Cope?ExerciseBidding East16
2H93Oh, What To Bid!ExerciseBidding East(art) 16
2L81Strong Openings & RebidsExerciseBidding East16
2U35Responding To One-BidsExerciseBidding East16
2U87Mabel’s FablesExerciseBidding East(art) 16
3A81Interference After 1 NTExerciseBidding East16
3D87Suitable RebidsExerciseBidding East16

Bidding South 2 Calls
1F41Test Your BiddingExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
1G41   H7It’s Your Turn Now!ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
1N41Opening Balanced HandsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
1N53Responses on Balanced HandsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
2E41What’s Your Rebid?ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
2E53Rebids ‘R’ UsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
2F53Partner! You Raised Me!ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
2G81Overcall & Double ZooExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
2J41Preemptive OpportunitiesExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
2J53Are You Responsible?ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3B29Suitable ResponsesExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3C41Rebids for All SeasonsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3D29Responses & RebidsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3D41Rebids ‘R’ UsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3D53Rebids for All SeasonsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3G29Overcall DrillExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3G41Over-the-Hill CallsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3G93Overcall WorkoutExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3H29Doubles, Toil & TroublesExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3H41Double TroubleExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3H93Take Out Some InsuranceExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3J41Preempts ‘R’ UsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3J53Preempted by Partner!ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3K41A Zoo of Weak TwosExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
3U41Name That Convention!ExerciseBidding 2 Calls(art) 112
5C41Don’t Tread On Me!ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
5C93Struggling To CopeExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
5F41In the Combat ZoneExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
5F53Fight Those Preempts!ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
5F83Here Come the Spades!ExerciseBidding 2 Calls(art) 110
5F93Are You Combat-Ready?ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
5P41Landy-ing On Your FeetExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
5P53Cappelletti with SalsaExerciseBidding 2 Calls112

Bidding South 3 Calls
1H41   H8Bid ‘em Up!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
1J41   H9Stayman Everywhere!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
1L41   H11Aim For the Sky!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2B41Are You Responsible?ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2B53Stayman and StuffExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2F41Raises Everywhere!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2K41Weak Twos ‘R’ UsExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2L41Bid Like You Got ‘emExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2M41No Blackwood Allowed!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2M53No Blackwood! No Gerber!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2M93Got Any Aces, Pard?ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
2U41South Sees AdventureExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3A41Responses to One NotrumpExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3B41Responses to One of SuitExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3B53Responsible PartyExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3B93Are You Responsible?ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3C53Spotlight on OpenerExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3C81It’s Your Bid!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3E29Third Time AroundExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3E41Third Party CandidatesExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3E53Knock Three TimesExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3E93Three Times a LadyExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3F41Well Bred and RaisedExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3F53Raising the StakesExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3J29Caveat Pre-EmptorExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3K53Weak Twos in the NewsExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3K93Two-Bids and Zoo-BidsExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3L41Bidding the Big HandsExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3L81The Big and the SmallExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3M41Suitable for Slam?ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3N29Two-over-One WorkoutExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3N41A Zoo of Two over OneExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3P41Tell It to the JudgeExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3P53Judgment Day Down SouthExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3Q41Secretary of DefenseExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
3S29Here Comes the Judge!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5A41A Negative ExperienceExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5A53Double DilemmaExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5B41Double the Stakes?ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5B53Double VisionExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5B81Double IndemnityExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5C29Responding in CompetitionExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5D41Put Up or Shut Up!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5D53To Bid or Not To BidExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5E41All In the BalanceExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5E53Balancing Seat BluesExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5G41Transfers and SuchExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5H41A Many Splintered ThingExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5J41Forcing Notrump FareExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5K41Two-over-One TroublesExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5N41Minor InversionsExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5Q41Cue-Bids ‘R’ UsExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5S17Doubles by the OffenseExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5T17Conventional Field DayExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
5T29Conventional WisdomExerciseBidding 3 Calls112

Bidding South 4 Calls
3L53For Richer or PoorerExerciseBidding 4 Calls110
3M29Slams ‘R’ UsExerciseBidding 4 Calls110
3M53In the Slam ZoneExerciseBidding 4 Calls110
3S53Judgment Day Is HereExerciseBidding 4 Calls110
5L41New Minor DecisionsExerciseBidding 4 Calls110
5M41Fourth Suit DecisionsExerciseBidding 4 Calls110

Bidding East-West
1B17   E3Responses to One NotrumpExerciseBidding E-W112
1B29Build Me an AuctionExerciseBidding E-W112
1C17   E4Responses to One of SuitExerciseBidding E-W112
1D17   E5Nice To Bid TwiceExerciseBidding E-W112
1F17Bidding Review IExerciseBidding E-W112
1G17   E7Overcalls & DoublesExerciseBidding E-W112
1H17   E8Higher Opening BidsExerciseBidding E-W112
1J17   E9The Stayman ConventionExerciseBidding E-W112
1K17   E10Happiness Is a Trump FitExerciseBidding E-W112
1L17   E11To Slam or Not To SlamExerciseBidding E-W112
1N17Bidding Review IIExerciseBidding E-W112
2B17One Notrump AuctioneerExerciseBidding E-W112
2B29A Case of NotrumpitisExerciseBidding E-W112
2C17Responses to Major OpeningsExerciseBidding E-W112
2C29Responses to Minor OpeningsExerciseBidding E-W112
2D17Spotlight on OpenerExerciseBidding E-W112
2D41Two-over-One AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
2E17Spotlight on ResponderExerciseBidding E-W112
2E29Rebidding AuctioneerExerciseBidding E-W112
2F17Follow Up That RaiseExerciseBidding E-W112
2F29Hair-Raising AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
2G17Suit OvercallsExerciseBidding E-W112
2G29When an Opponent OpensExerciseBidding E-W112
2G53Takeout DoublesExerciseBidding E-W112
2H17Learning To CopeExerciseBidding E-W112
2H29We Have Met the EnemyExerciseBidding E-W112
2H41Interference After 1 NTExerciseBidding E-W112
2J17Preemptive AuctioneerExerciseBidding E-W112
2K17Weak Two-Bid AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
2L17Opening 2 NT and 3 NT AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
2L29Strong Two-Club AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
2M17Slam Bidding at SuitsExerciseBidding E-W112
2M29Quantitative BiddingExerciseBidding E-W112
2M81Blackwood & GerberExerciseBidding E-W112
3A29Make Me an AuctionExerciseBidding E-W112
3A53Build the AuctionExerciseBidding E-W112
3A93Bid These Hands!ExerciseBidding E-W112
3B81Suitable AuctioneerExerciseBidding E-W112
3C29Rebids ‘R’ UsExerciseBidding E-W112
3C93Partnership RapportExerciseBidding E-W112
3K29Weak-Two AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
3L29Strong Two-Club AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
3P17Judging the AuctionExerciseBidding E-W112
3P29Judge and JuryExerciseBidding E-W112
3Q17Judgmental EncountersExerciseBidding E-W112
3Q29Tactical AdventuresExerciseBidding E-W112
5A29Negative Double WorkoutExerciseBidding E-W112
5A93Negatively SpeakingExerciseBidding E-W112
5B17Wielding the AxExerciseBidding E-W112
5B29Double JeopardyExerciseBidding E-W112
5C53Auctions with InterferenceExerciseBidding E-W112
5D29Competitive ChallengeExerciseBidding E-W112
5E29Balancing ActsExerciseBidding E-W112
5E93Balancing AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
5F29Combat-Readiness TestExerciseBidding E-W112
5G17Jacoby Transfer BidExerciseBidding E-W112
5H17Major Suit RaisesExerciseBidding E-W112
5H81Splinters by the DozenExerciseBidding E-W112
5J17Forcing Notrump AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
5K17Two-over-One AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
5L17Auctions after 1 NT RebidExerciseBidding E-W112
5M17Fourth Suit AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
5N17Inverted Minor AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
5P17Astro-nomical AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
5Q17Michaels MenagerieExerciseBidding E-W112
5R29Invitational Cue-BidExerciseBidding E-W112
5S29Responsive DoublesExerciseBidding E-W112
5T41Weak Jump Shift AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112

Bidding and Declarer Play
1E53Bidding & Play ReviewExerciseBid & Play13
1E56Bid ‘em and Play ‘em!ExerciseBid & Play13
1J53Finding a 4-4 Trump FitExerciseBid & Play13
1K29Partner! You Raised Me!ExerciseBid & Play13
2N47Choosing the Best PlayExerciseBid & Play13
2N59When To Draw TrumpsExerciseBid & Play(art) 13
2P47Bidding & FinessingExerciseBid & Play13
2P50Slams ‘R’ UsExerciseBid & Play13
2Q47Tricks with TrumpsExerciseBid & Play13
5U41Unusual Bidding and PlayExerciseBid & Play13
4C47Bid ‘em and Play ‘emExerciseBid & Play13
4C59Three Notrump ChallengeExerciseBid & Play13
4D56Suit Bidding and PlanningExerciseBid & Play13
4D59Three Ruff ContractsExerciseBid & Play13
4Q41Nine ChancesExerciseBid & Play13
4R41Endplays ‘R’ UsExerciseBid & Play13
6A41Start the Countdown!ExerciseBid & Play13
6E44Throw In the TowelExerciseBid & Play13
6F53Bad Trump BreaksExerciseBid & Play13

Bidding and Defensive Play
2R29Beat Three Notrump!ExerciseBid & Defend13
2R32Flying High on DefenseExerciseBid & Defend(art) 13

Auction Inquiry
2U29It’s Turkey Time!ExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 16
2U81Send In the ClownsExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 26
2V29Halloween GoblinsExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 16
2V35Don’t Bee SillyExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 16
2V69Overcall Funny FarmExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 16
2V75Double Trouble!ExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 16
3T47How Not To BidExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 16
3T53Ace Bidding DetectiveExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 26
3T59How To Lose At BridgeExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 16
3T69Elementary, My Dear WatsonExerciseAuction Inquiry(art) 16
3U53Synchronize Your WatchesExerciseAuction Inquiry16

Auction Analysis
2U53Notrump Bids by ResponderExerciseAuction Analysis112
2V53Notrump Bids by OpenerExerciseAuction Analysis112
3R17Unraveling the MysteriesExerciseAuction Analysis112
3R29Blackwood & Gerber QuizExerciseAuction Analysis112
3R41What’s That Bid?ExerciseAuction Analysis112
3T17How Many Hearts?ExerciseAuction Analysis112
3T29How Many Spades?ExerciseAuction Analysis112
5V17Competitive RaisesExerciseAuction Analysis112
5V29Competitive 2 NT BidsExerciseAuction Analysis112

Test Yourself
3U17Forcing or Nonforcing?ExerciseTest Yourself124
5R41Understanding Cue-BidsExerciseTest Yourself124
5S41Penalty or Takeout?ExerciseTest Yourself124
5V41Competitive Suit BidsExerciseTest Yourself124
4H81Leading the Proper CardExerciseTest Yourself124

1F53Match the Responder!ExerciseMatching112
2B81Notrump Responder MatchExerciseMatching112
2D29Match the OpenerExerciseMatching112
2E69Match the ResponderExerciseMatching112
2E93Heart-Spade MatchmakerExerciseMatching112
2K29“Weak Two” MatchupExerciseMatching112
2V81Overcalls & DoublesExerciseMatching(art) 112
3G53Match the NotrumpExerciseMatching(art) 112
3N53Show Me the Hand!ExerciseMatching(art) 112
3S81Game, Set and MatchExerciseMatching112

Bridge Movie
1P41A Whale of a TaleMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
2L87Look Mom! No Points!MovieBridge Movie(art) 11
2W81Major AdventureMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
2W82Grand AwakeningMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
3A80Slam with an OvertrickMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
3C76Diamonds Are ForeverMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
3F33Diamonds In the RuffMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
3G82Doubled In SpadesMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
5G81Aces and SpacesMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
5Q53Michaels Is CoolMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
5U81An Unusual ExperienceMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
4T72Posing a Dual ThreatMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
6C86The Squeeze Is OnMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
6D41No Finesses!MovieBridge Movie(art) 11

Opening Lead
1M41   H12It’s Your Lead!ExerciseOpening Lead112
2R17Oh, What To Lead!ExerciseOpening Lead112
2R41What’s Your Lead?ExerciseOpening Lead112
2R69Off to a Good Start!ExerciseOpening Lead112
4G41Lead On, MacDuffExerciseOpening Lead112
4H29Leads Against SlamsExerciseOpening Lead112
4H41Opening Leads at SuitsExerciseOpening Lead112
4H73Find the Killing LeadExerciseOpening Lead(art) 18
4W69Take Me To Your LeaderExerciseOpening Lead(art) 212

Declarer Play 3 Deals
1E41   E6Planning the PlayExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 13
1E44   H6Look Before You Leap!ExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 23
1E47Planning To SucceedExerciseDeclarer Play 313
1E50Communication Hang-upsExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 23
2N41Counting TricksExerciseDeclarer Play 313
2N44Notrump Play TechniqueExerciseDeclarer Play 313
2N56The Order of Winning TricksExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 13
2Q41Suit Play TechniqueExerciseDeclarer Play 313
2Q44Trump Handling TricksExerciseDeclarer Play 313
2Q50Endplays Are EasyExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 13
2Q53Establishing a Side SuitExerciseDeclarer Play 313
4C41Three Notrump Times ThreeExerciseDeclarer Play 313
4C44Tricks of the TradeExerciseDeclarer Play 313
4C50Counting Tricks at NotrumpExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 13
4D41Counting Tricks at SuitsExerciseDeclarer Play 313
4D44Planning the Play at SuitsExerciseDeclarer Play 313
4D47Suitable PlanningExerciseDeclarer Play 313
4R44Made To Be EndplayedExerciseDeclarer Play 313
4S47Six Notrump On IceExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 13
6E41Fun with Throw-InsExerciseDeclarer Play 313
6F50My Trumps Never Break!ExerciseDeclarer Play 313

Declarer Play 6 Deals
2N17This Is a Holdup!ExerciseDeclarer Play 616
2N50Be My ValentineExerciseDeclarer Play 6(art) 16
2P41Are Your Finesses on Target?ExerciseDeclarer Play 6(art) 26
2Q29Six ‘Ruff’ Slams To MakeExerciseDeclarer Play 6(art) 26
4A23Eight Ever… or Maybe?ExerciseDeclarer Play 6(art) 26
4B41Going With the OddsExerciseDeclarer Play 6(art) 26
4C53Key Plays at NotrumpExerciseDeclarer Play 6(art) 16
4D50Six Ruff DecisionsExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4E41Six Suitable SlamsExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4E47Six Suitable GamesExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4E53Tactical ConsiderationsExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4F41Trump ProblemsExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4F47Trumped-up ChargesExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4P29Suit Building WorkoutExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4P35Join the EstablishmentExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4P41Set Up That Suit!ExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4Q29Eighteen ChancesExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4Q35Give Me a Chance!ExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4Q53Now’s Your Chance!ExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4Q59Twelve ChancesExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4R47Make 36 Hearts!ExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4S29Unblocking PlaysExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4S35Communication Hang-upsExerciseDeclarer Play 6(art) 16
4S41A Kingdom for an EntryExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4T29Time To Get Tough!ExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4T35A Matter of TimingExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4T41How’s Your Timing?ExerciseDeclarer Play 616
4V87Make It on Ice!ExerciseDeclarer Play 6(art) 16
6A44Count Me In!ExerciseDeclarer Play 616
6A50Hands of Count Alu-CardExerciseDeclarer Play 616
6B29Beat the FieldExerciseDeclarer Play 616
6B41Matchpoint MadnessExerciseDeclarer Play 616
6B47Top o’the MorningExerciseDeclarer Play 616
6C41Freshly SqueezedExerciseDeclarer Play 616
6C47Fun with SqueezesExerciseDeclarer Play 616
6C53Squeeze the TriggerExerciseDeclarer Play 616
6E47Throw-In or Squeeze?ExerciseDeclarer Play 616

Declarer Play 9 Deals
2N23It’s Your Play!ExerciseDeclarer Play 919
2N32Oh, Which Suit To Play!ExerciseDeclarer Play 919
4F29Controlling the RuffsExerciseDeclarer Play 919
4N41Who’s On First?ExerciseDeclarer Play 9(art) 29
4N71First Things FirstExerciseDeclarer Play 919
4U17Make the Winning PlayExerciseDeclarer Play 919
4U41Playing To WinExerciseDeclarer Play 919
6F41Magical Trump TricksExerciseDeclarer Play 919

Drawing Trumps
1P17Drawing TrumpsExerciseDrawing Trumps112
2Q17Drawing TrumpsExerciseDrawing Trumps112
4F53Drawing the Enemy TrumpsExerciseDrawing Trumps112

Trick 1 Play North
1E17Play To Trick OneExerciseTrick 1 North112
2P17Toast for the New Year?ExerciseTrick 1 North(art) 112
2W17First Trick BluesExerciseTrick 1 North(art) 112
4N29Trick One JittersExerciseTrick 1 North(art) 112
4N53First Time AroundExerciseTrick 1 North112
4N81Dummy Play at Trick OneExerciseTrick 1 North(art) 112
4N93Your Play from Dummy?ExerciseTrick 1 North(art) 112

Suit Combination Declarer
1E29Card CombinationsExerciseSuit Combination112
1P29Card CombinationsExerciseSuit Combination112
2P29Finessing FrenzyExerciseSuit Combination112
2W29Finessing TechniqueExerciseSuit Combination112
4A29The Finesse Is On!ExerciseSuit Combination112
4A41Finessing Field DayExerciseSuit Combination112
4A53Play that Suit!ExerciseSuit Combination112
4V17Tough Card CombinationsExerciseSuit Combination112

Suit Query Declarer
4B29What’s the Chance?ExerciseSuit Query South112
4B53Restricted ChoiceExerciseSuit Query South112
4B81Safety PlaysExerciseSuit Query South112
4B93Odds and EndsExerciseSuit Query South112
4V29First Trick BluesExerciseSuit Query South(art) 112
4V41A Kingdom for a FinesseExerciseSuit Query South(art) 112
4V532002-Way FinessesExerciseSuit Query South(art) 112
4V69Drop It or Finesse?ExerciseSuit Query South(art) 112

Defensive Play 3 Deals
1M17Beat That Contract!ExerciseDefensive Play 313
1M20   E12Leads and SignalsExerciseDefensive Play 313
2R87Dodo DefenseExerciseDefensive Play 313
2T17Beat That Contract!ExerciseDefensive Play 313
2T20Sink Declarer’s Ship!ExerciseDefensive Play 3(art) 13

Defensive Play 6 Deals
2R81Turkey Defense!ExerciseDefensive Play 6(art) 16
2T23Signaling with DiscardsExerciseDefensive Play 616
4G35Lead and Defend at NotrumpExerciseDefensive Play 616
4G53Take Me To Your LeaderExerciseDefensive Play 616
4H53Beat Four Hearts!ExerciseDefensive Play 616
4H59Send Declarer PackingExerciseDefensive Play 616
4J41Defending with SignalsExerciseDefensive Play 616
4M29A Ruff Day at WorkExerciseDefensive Play 616
4M35Tactical DefenseExerciseDefensive Play 616
6H41Test Your DefenseExerciseDefensive Play 616
6H47Defensive CountdownExerciseDefensive Play 616
6H53Out for the Count!ExerciseDefensive Play 616

Defensive Play 9 Deals
4M41Ruff Times On DefenseExerciseDefensive Play 919
6J29Put Up or Shut UpExerciseDefensive Play 919
6J41Four Ducks in a PondExerciseDefensive Play 919
6J50Win It? Or Duck It?ExerciseDefensive Play 9(art) 29
6J81The King and IExerciseDefensive Play 919

Trick 2 Lead West
1Q29Reading Partner’s SignalExerciseTrick 2 West112
2T41Reading Partner’s SignalExerciseTrick 2 West112
4W53Play It Again, SamExerciseTrick 2 West(art) 112

Trick 2 Lead East
2R53Reading Partner’s LeadExerciseTrick 2 East112
2T29Returning Partner’s SuitExerciseTrick 2 East112

Second Hand Play Defender
1M53Second Hand PlayExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
1Q17The Second Hand StoreExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
2S17Second Hand RoseExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
2S29The Second Time AroundExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
2S41To Cover Or Not To CoverExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
2S53Using the Count SignalExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
4L29Second Time AroundExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
4L41Second Hand StoreExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
4L53I’ll Second That!ExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
4W93I’ve Got You Covered!ExerciseSecond Hand E-W(art) 212

Third Hand Play East
1M29Third Hand PlayExerciseThird Hand East112
1Q41The Third ManExerciseThird Hand East212
2T81Third Time’s a CharmExerciseThird Hand East112
2W41Third Man ThemeExerciseThird Hand East112
2W53Third Hand Play at SuitsExerciseThird Hand East112
2W69Signaling at NotrumpExerciseThird Hand East112
4J81Signaling at NotrumpExerciseThird Hand East(art) 112
4K29Go For the BronzeExerciseThird Hand East112
4K41The Third ManExerciseThird Hand East112
4K53Third Party CandidatesExerciseThird Hand East112
4W81Third Man ThemeExerciseThird Hand East(art) 112

Fourth Hand Play Defender
2T53Reading the Count SignalExerciseFourth Hand E-W112
4J29Start the Countdown!ExerciseFourth Hand E-W112
4J53Count Me In!ExerciseFourth Hand E-W112

Suit Query Defender
4K93When Partner SwitchesExerciseSuit Query E-W(art) 112
6G29Tarot Card ReadingExerciseSuit Query E-W112
6G41Leading Through DeclarerExerciseSuit Query E-W112
6G53Logical DeductionsExerciseSuit Query E-W112
6G93Sharpen Your DefenseExerciseSuit Query E-W112

Defensive Play Study
4W17Opening LeadsStudyStudy & Exercise110
4W29When To Cover an HonorStudyStudy & Exercise112
4W41Finessing Against DummyStudyStudy & Exercise111


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