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Bidding Lesson
Declarer Play Lesson
Defensive Play Lesson
Deal Study
Bridge Basics (textbook)
Bidding Guide (textbook)

Bidding Lesson
1RHand EvaluationTeaching TipsBidding Lesson14
1R61Bidding PhilosophyTeaching TipsBidding Lesson(art) 10
3ANotrump AuctionsLessonBidding Lesson(art) 215
3BResponses to Suit BidsLessonBidding Lesson(art) 215
3CRebids by OpenerLessonBidding Lesson(art) 210
3DRebids by ResponderLessonBidding Lesson(art) 222
3EOpener’s Third BidLessonBidding Lesson(art) 221
3FBidding After a RaiseLessonBidding Lesson(art) 216
3GOvercallsLessonBidding Lesson(art) 217
3HTakeout DoublesLessonBidding Lesson(art) 218
3JPreemptive BidsLessonBidding Lesson(art) 214
3KWeak Two-BidsLessonBidding Lesson(art) 216
3K81Pavlicek Weak-Two RebidsStudyBidding Lesson18
3K89Study 3K81 AddendaNotesBidding Lesson14
3LStrong Two-Club BidLessonBidding Lesson(art) 216
3MSuit Slam BiddingLessonBidding Lesson(art) 213
3NTwo-over-One AuctionsLessonBidding Lesson(art) 218
3PBidding JudgmentLessonBidding Lesson(art) 214
3QDefensive Bidding JudgmentLessonBidding Lesson(art) 214
3RNotrump Slam BiddingLessonBidding Lesson(art) 213
3SSlam Bidding JudgmentLessonBidding Lesson(art) 214
3TPavlicek Point CountStudyBidding Lesson14
3UBridge ConventionsGuideBidding Lesson(art) 13
5ANegative DoublesLessonBidding Lesson(art) 218
5BPenalty DoublesLessonBidding Lesson(art) 214
5CCoping with InterferenceLessonBidding Lesson(art) 217
5DCompeting & SacrificingLessonBidding Lesson(art) 215
5EBalancing Bids & DoublesLessonBidding Lesson(art) 220
5FCombating Weak OpeningsLessonBidding Lesson(art) 217
5M81Forcing vs. Limit StyleStudyBidding Lesson(art) 213
5PDefense to One NotrumpLessonBidding Lesson(art) 214
5TFavorite ConventionsLessonBidding Lesson(art) 214

Declarer Play Lesson
1A   E1H1Learn To Play Bridge!LessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
1R69Planning the PlayTeaching TipsPlay Lesson17
2NPlanning the Play at NotrumpLessonPlay Lesson(art) 12
2N67Planning the Play at SuitsLessonPlay Lesson(art) 12
2PFinessing TechniqueLessonPlay Lesson(art) 18
2QUsing Your TrumpsLessonPlay Lesson(art) 15
2YDuplicate BridgeGuidePlay Lesson11
2Y81Bridge Team GamesGuidePlay Lesson14
4ACard CombinationsLessonPlay Lesson(art) 236
4BGoing with the OddsLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
4B73Bridge ParadoxesStudyPlay Lesson27
4CNotrump Play TechniqueLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
4DSuit Play TechniqueLessonPlay Lesson(art) 27
4EImportant Suit TacticsLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
4FTrump ControlLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
4NTrick One TipsLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
4PSuit EstablishmentLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
4QCombining Your ChancesLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
4Q81Finding an Extra ChanceStudyPlay Lesson(art) 14
4REndplaysLessonPlay Lesson(art) 211
4SEntries & CommunicationLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
4TTiming the PlayLessonPlay Lesson(art) 27
4UGeneral Winning TipsLessonPlay Lesson(art) 23
6ACounting by DeclarerLessonPlay Lesson(art) 27
6BMatchpoint StrategyLessonPlay Lesson(art) 27
6CSqueeze PlaysLessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
6C81Squeeze Plays Are EasyStudyPlay Lesson15
6DDouble SqueezesStudyPlay Lesson210
6D75Pure SqueezesStudyPlay Lesson(art) 517
6D93Non-Pure SqueezesStudyPlay Lesson314
6EThrow-In PlaysLessonPlay Lesson(art) 210
6FTrump EndingsLessonPlay Lesson(art) 27

Defensive Play Lesson
2RNotrump Leads & SignalsLessonDefense Lesson14
2R93Suit Leads & SignalsLessonDefense Lesson14
2SSecond Hand PlayLessonDefense Lesson(art) 110
2TThird Hand PlayLessonDefense Lesson(art) 110
4GNotrump Leads & StrategyLessonDefense Lesson(art) 211
4HSuit Leads & StrategyLessonDefense Lesson(art) 28
4JSignaling MethodsLessonDefense Lesson(art) 27
4KThird Hand PlayLessonDefense Lesson(art) 219
4LSecond Hand PlayLessonDefense Lesson(art) 219
4MDefensive Trump TacticsLessonDefense Lesson(art) 26
6GDefensive Card CombinationsLessonDefense Lesson(art) 222
6HCounting on DefenseLessonDefense Lesson(art) 27
6JWhen To Win or DuckLessonDefense Lesson(art) 211
6KSqueeze DefenseStudyDefense Lesson1132
6L17Notrump Leads & SignalsStudyDefense Lesson344
6L81Suit Leads & SignalsStudyDefense Lesson344

Deal Study
1A29Play These Hands!StudyDeal Study12
1A31Let’s Play Bridge!StudyDeal Study12
4R29Endplays Are Fun!StudyDeal Study12
4V81Make It on a Squeeze!StudyDeal Study12

Bridge Basics
No.Sequence and TopicTypePagesDeals
1T05   L11. Introduction, PreliminariesLesson & Quiz(art) 80
1T17   L22. Point Count, Opening BidsLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1T29   L33. Bidding Goals, Responses to 1 NTLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1T41   L44. More Point Count, Suit ResponsesLesson & Quiz(art) 512
1T69   L55. Rebids by OpenerLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1T81   L66. Declarer PlayLesson & Quiz(art) 45
1T93   L77. Overcalls, Takeout DoublesLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1TA5   L88. Two Clubs, Weak Bids, NT StructureLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1TB7   L99. Stayman, Minor Suit ResponsesLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1U01   L1010. Bidding After a RaiseLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1U17   L1111. Slam BiddingLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1U29   L1212. Defensive PlayLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1U4113. Opening BidsReview Quiz112
1U5314. Responses to Opening BidsReview Quiz112
1U6915. Rebids by OpenerReview Quiz112
1U8116. Rebids by ResponderReview Quiz112
1U9317. Overcalls & DoublesReview Quiz112
1UA518. Resp. to Overcalls & DoublesReview Quiz112
1UB7Bridge TermsAppendix20
1UB8How To Keep ScoreAppendix(art) 20
1UB9The FinesseAppendix16
1UC5About the AuthorAppendix10
1UC6Answers to QuizzesAnswer Sheet20

1TBridge BasicsComplete (68 pages with cover) in booklet format
Bidding Guide
2Z03Bidding TerminologyReference20
2Z04Point CountReference20
2Z05Opening BidsLookup Table(art) 20
2Z06Auctions after One NotrumpLookup Table(art) 20
2Z07Responses to One of a SuitLookup Table20
2Z08Rebids by OpenerLookup Table20
2Z09Rebids by ResponderLookup Table(art) 40
2Z10Bidding After a RaiseLookup Table(art) 20
2Z11Overcalls and DoublesLookup Table20
2Z12Coping with InterferenceLookup Table(art) 40
2Z14Weak Two-BidsLookup Table20
2Z15Preemptive BidsLookup Table(art) 20
2Z16Strong Opening BidsLookup Table20
2Z17Slam BiddingLookup Table40
2Z18A Ruff and a SluffAppendix(art) 11
2Z19About the AuthorAppendix10

2ZBidding GuideComplete (40 pages with cover) in booklet format

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