Opening One-Bids
Responses to One Notrump
Responses to One of Suit
Rebids by Opener
Declarer Play
Bidding Review I
Overcalls & Doubles
Higher Opening Bids
The Stayman Convention
Bidding After a Raise
Slam Bidding
Defensive Play
Bidding Review II
Declarer Play Review
Defensive Play Review
Bridge Basics (textbook)

Beginning Bridge (organized 12-lesson package) Front
Opening One-Bids
1A   E1H1Learn To Play Bridge!LessonPlay Lesson(art) 26
1A01   P2Opening One-BidsPracticeDeal Summary312
1A17   E2Opening One-BidsExerciseOpening Bid112
1A29Play These Hands!StudyDeal Study12
1A31Let’s Play Bridge!StudyDeal Study12
1A33   P1Bridge Without BiddingNotesNon-deal10
1A41   H2What Do You Open?ExerciseEval & 1 Call112
Responses to One Notrump
1B01   P3Responses to One NotrumpPracticeDeal Summary312
1B17   E3Responses to One NotrumpExerciseBidding E-W112
1B29Build Me an AuctionExerciseBidding E-W112
1B41   H3What’s Your Response?ExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
Responses to One of Suit
1C01   P4Responses to One of SuitPracticeDeal Summary312
1C17   E4Responses to One of SuitExerciseBidding E-W112
1C29Responding To One-BidsExerciseBidding East16
1C41   H4You Make the Call!ExerciseEval & 1 Call112
1C53Oh, What To Respond!ExerciseEval & 1 Call112
Rebids by Opener
1D01   P5Rebids by OpenerPracticeDeal Summary312
1D17   E5Nice To Bid TwiceExerciseBidding E-W112
1D41   H5Bid These Hands!ExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
Declarer Play
1E01   P6Planning the PlayPracticeDeal Summary416
1E17Play To Trick OneExerciseTrick 1 North112
1E29Card CombinationsExerciseSuit Combination112
1E41   E6Planning the PlayExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 13
1E44   H6Look Before You Leap!ExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 23
1E47Planning To SucceedExerciseDeclarer Play 313
1E50Communication Hang-upsExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 23
1E53Bidding & Play ReviewExerciseBid & Play13
1E56Bid ‘em and Play ‘em!ExerciseBid & Play13
Bidding Review I
1F01Bidding Review IPracticeDeal Summary28
1F17Bidding Review IExerciseBidding E-W112
1F29Beginner Review IBiddingBidding & Awards212
1F41Test Your BiddingExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
1F53Match the Responder!ExerciseMatching112
Overcalls & Doubles
1G01   P7Overcalls & DoublesPracticeDeal Summary312
1G17   E7Overcalls & DoublesExerciseBidding E-W112
1G41   H7It’s Your Turn Now!ExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
1G53Overcall, Double or PassExerciseEval & 1 Call112
Higher Opening Bids
1H01   P8Higher Opening BidsPracticeDeal Summary416
1H17   E8Higher Opening BidsExerciseBidding E-W112
1H41   H8Bid ‘em Up!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
The Stayman Convention
1J01   P9The Stayman ConventionPracticeDeal Summary312
1J17   E9The Stayman ConventionExerciseBidding E-W112
1J41   H9Stayman Everywhere!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
1J53Finding a 4-4 Trump FitExerciseBid & Play13
Bidding After a Raise
1K01   P10Bidding After a RaisePracticeDeal Summary28
1K17   E10Happiness Is a Trump FitExerciseBidding E-W112
1K29Partner! You Raised Me!ExerciseBid & Play13
1K41   H10Oh, What To Bid!ExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
1K53Raising the StakesExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
Slam Bidding
1L01   P11Slam BiddingPracticeDeal Summary28
1L17   E11To Slam or Not To SlamExerciseBidding E-W112
1L41   H11Aim For the Sky!ExerciseBidding 3 Calls112
Defensive Play
1M01   P12Defensive PlayPracticeDeal Summary416
1M17Beat That Contract!ExerciseDefensive Play 313
1M20   E12Leads and SignalsExerciseDefensive Play 313
1M29Third Hand PlayExerciseThird Hand East112
1M41   H12It’s Your Lead!ExerciseOpening Lead112
1M53Second Hand PlayExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
Bidding Review II
1N01Bidding Review IIPracticeDeal Summary28
1N17Bidding Review IIExerciseBidding E-W112
1N29Beginner Review IIBiddingBidding & Awards212
1N41Opening Balanced HandsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
1N53Responses on Balanced HandsExerciseBidding 2 Calls112
Declarer Play Review
1P01Bidding Review IIIPracticeDeal Summary28
1P17Drawing TrumpsExerciseDrawing Trumps112
1P29Card CombinationsExerciseSuit Combination112
1P41A Whale of a TaleMovieBridge Movie(art) 11
Defensive Play Review
1Q17The Second Hand StoreExerciseSecond Hand E-W112
1Q29Reading Partner’s SignalExerciseTrick 2 West112
1Q41The Third ManExerciseThird Hand East212
Bridge Basics
No.Sequence and TopicTypePagesDeals
1T05   L11. Introduction, PreliminariesLesson & Quiz(art) 80
1T17   L22. Point Count, Opening BidsLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1T29   L33. Bidding Goals, Responses to 1 NTLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1T41   L44. More Point Count, Suit ResponsesLesson & Quiz(art) 512
1T69   L55. Rebids by OpenerLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1T81   L66. Declarer PlayLesson & Quiz(art) 45
1T93   L77. Overcalls, Takeout DoublesLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1TA5   L88. Two Clubs, Weak Bids, NT StructureLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1TB7   L99. Stayman, Minor Suit ResponsesLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1U01   L1010. Bidding After a RaiseLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1U17   L1111. Slam BiddingLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1U29   L1212. Defensive PlayLesson & Quiz(art) 412
1U4113. Opening BidsReview Quiz112
1U5314. Responses to Opening BidsReview Quiz112
1U6915. Rebids by OpenerReview Quiz112
1U8116. Rebids by ResponderReview Quiz112
1U9317. Overcalls & DoublesReview Quiz112
1UA518. Resp. to Overcalls & DoublesReview Quiz112
1UB7Bridge TermsAppendix20
1UB8How To Keep ScoreAppendix(art) 20
1UB9The FinesseAppendix16
1UC5About the AuthorAppendix10
1UC6Answers to QuizzesAnswer Sheet20

1TBridge BasicsComplete (68 pages with cover) in booklet format

Beginning Bridge

To facilitate teaching, some of the beginner material (denoted above by L, E, H or P)
is organized into two 6-lesson series and renumbered in a simplified format.

• Overview •Bidding PhilosophyPractice Deals
General TipsPlanning the PlayGuide Slips

Printouts below are not cross-referenced or included in the printout, page and deal counts
because an identical printout (except for the renumbering) is already included.

Lesson with QuizExerciseHomeworkPractice
1. Introduction, PreliminariesQ H RE1Q H RH1Q H RP1
2. Point Count, Opening BidsQ H RE2Q H RH2Q H RP2G H R
3. Bidding Goals, Responses to 1 NTQ H RE3Q H RH3Q H RP3G H R
4. More Point Count, Suit ResponsesQ H RE4Q H RH4Q H RP4G H R
5. Rebids by OpenerQ H RE5Q H RH5Q H RP5G H R
6. Declarer PlayQ H RE6Q H RH6Q H RP6G H R
7. Overcalls, Takeout DoublesQ H RE7Q H RH7Q H RP7G H R
8. Two Clubs, Weak Bids, NT StructureQ H RE8Q H RH8Q H RP8G H R
9. Stayman, Minor Suit ResponsesQ H RE9Q H RH9Q H RP9G H R
10. Bidding After a RaiseQ H RE10Q H RH10Q H RP10G H R
11. Slam BiddingQ H RE11Q H RH11Q H RP11G H R
12. Defensive PlayQ H RE12Q H RH12Q H RP12G H R
Review QuizzesMiscellany
13. Opening BidsQ H RHow To Keep Score  HBridge Terms  H
14. Responses to Opening BidsQ H RConvention Card  HThe Finesse  H R
15. Rebids by OpenerQ H RRegistration Slips  HBridge Jokes  H
16. Rebids by ResponderQ H RPackaged student lesson sheets 1-6   7-12
17. Overcalls & DoublesQ H RPackaged exercises & homework 1-6   7-12
18. Responses to Overcalls & DoublesQ H RQuizzes 1-18Boxed answers 2-6   7-12
Practice Deals adjusted for Boards 1-16
1 H R     2 H R     3 H R     4 H R     5 H R     6 H R     7 H R     8 H R     9 H R     10 H R

Q = Quiz version (answers blank)   H = HTML version   R = RBN data file   G = Guide slips


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