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Bridge Teaching Material

Richard Pavlicek has taught bridge since 1972, over which time he has created a huge amount of material for students of all levels. All material is handsomely typeset (with continual refinements, many over the past few years) and is available by license to competent bridge teachers. If this might interest you, read on.

Alert! If your teaching interest is casual, check out this free package for Beginner Bridge Teaching.

Pavlicek Methods

Before outlining the material, it would be wise to explain the methods. The general approach is Standard American, including strong notrumps, five-card majors and weak two-bids. For an insight, including some controversial issues, read Bidding Philosophy. Another matter of controversy is point count, which Richard studied in great depth to devise a method that is both accurate and simple. See Hand Evaluation.

The Pavlicek methods also stress the importance of accurate card play, both as declarer and defender. Bidding ideas may change over time, but card play will always be the same. Learning the right way will benefit you for life. One of Richard’s most ardent philosophies is to plan all contracts by counting winners. Read Planning the Play for an insight.

The Material

The teaching material consists of 725 printouts, comprising 1338 pages and 7530 deals, all professionally typeset in PDF format for exact printing on any printer. About 200 printouts also have cartoon artwork to add humor to the teaching process. The material is divided into four levels (plus miscellany relevant to all) as summarized below. Clicking on each level will bring up an index of what is included.

1. Beginner94172890
2. Intermediate1722361461
3. Advanced Bidding2314012921
4. Advanced Play1893932104
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Below are 12 printouts as samples of the material (first digit is the level). Click on the Title for the master version, or the Type for the quiz version (where answers exist). For optional on-screen viewing, click on the No. for an HTML version.

Sample Printouts
1A17Opening One-BidsExerciseOpening Bid112
1E41Planning the PlayExerciseDeclarer Play 3(art) 13
1F01Bidding Review IPracticeDeal Summary28
2C41Points To PonderExerciseEval & 2 Calls112
2N23It’s Your Play!ExerciseDeclarer Play 919
2PFinessing TechniqueLessonPlay Lesson(art) 18
3G53Match the NotrumpExerciseMatching(art) 112
3K29Weak-Two AuctionsExerciseBidding E-W112
3RNotrump Slam BiddingLessonBidding Lesson(art) 213
4G41Lead On, MacDuffExerciseOpening Lead112
4H53Beat Four Hearts!ExerciseDefensive Play 616
4K93When Partner SwitchesExerciseSuit Query E-W(art) 112

For the technically savvy, the material is also provided in RBN data format (click on the Deals column). Also included is a utility that will automatically convert the RBN data to other popular formats: PBN (Portable Bridge Notation), LIN (Bridge Base), PPL (Bridge Baron), EML (OKbridge), DAT (Deep Finesse), DUP (Duplimate) and TXT (plain text).

Boxed Answers are included for each exercise.
Bridge Basics is printable by topic or as a complete booklet.
Bidding Guide is printable by topic or as a complete booklet.

How To Obtain

Bridge teaching material by Richard Pavlicek is licensed for a one-time fee of $1500, which allows lifetime commercial use in your bridge teaching. Some restrictions apply (see Purchase Agreement). To order:

1. Print the Purchase Agreement. Fill it out and sign it.
2. Include your check for $1500.00 payable to Richard Pavlicek.
3. Mail to: Richard Pavlicek, 1050 NW 21 Street, Fort Lauderdale FL 33311.

Upon receipt of your check and signed agreement, Richard will e-mail you instructions to download the material. For further information e-mail: TopIndex

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