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Counting at Bridge

and the game of Scrabble

Success at bridge requires counting to 13 for various reasons:
13 cards in each suit; 13 cards in each hand; 13 tricks on each deal.
Counting mentally and quickly is the key to becoming an expert.
Count! Count! Count! And you will win!

Research shows that Scrabble can benefit your bridge game!
Or ruin it — depending on your name. For example:

Clearly off: W+E+N+J+I+A = 16, or three too many.
Further, the excess shows that Wenjia is an overbidder.
Oh well, but what if your name is:

Slightly better: K+A+T+H+Y = 15, but still too many.
Kathy is another overbidder, but not quite as wild.
There must be a better name, so how about:

Oh darn! Now we’re too low: C+I+N+D+Y = 11.
She can’t count either, but Cindy is an underbidder.
When will people ever learn!

Enter the King

But of course! We all knew that.

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