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  by Richard Pavlicek

Driving to his first bridge class

Richard — June 1950, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

In the Army, off to West Germany

Richard, Mom and Dad — Christmas 1964, Pompano Beach, Florida

Do you take this cake? I do!

Richard and Mabel — June 1969, Pompano Beach, Florida

She plays great bridge, too!

Mabel and Richard — April 1970, Miami Beach, Florida

And along came this little guy

Rich — December 1971, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Talk about a catch of the day!

Granddaddy, Rich and dinner — July 1976, Marco Island, Florida

Our son and Richard’s mom

Rich and Edith — July 1978, Pompano Beach, Florida

Too rugged! Get me outta here!

Rich and Richard — July 1985, Grand Canyon, Arizona
(On a 4-day whitewater rafting trip)

Enjoying our summer trip

Richard and Rich — July 1986, Wiegands Lake, Ohio

After a big tournament win

Rich and Richard — June 1996, Las Vegas, Nevada
(Rich eventually learned to shave)

Talkin’ bout… my girl!

Mabel — July 1998, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Merry Christmas
The Pavlicek Family

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