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Stephen Smith, Deep Sea Hunter

  by Richard Pavlicek

Arrival in Dry Tortugas

DSH Stephen Smith sets foot on the beach of a small island
to investigate footprints of a man-eating sea dragon.

The search begins

The famous sea hunter is quick to observe dragon footprints
in shallow water. “He must be close,” Stepen concludes.

More real evidence

As a shark circles only a few yards away, Stephen discovers
more clues: a live dragon egg, and a dragon tooth!

A startling revelation

The remains of a crushed human skull warns Stephen
of the imminent danger that lurks ahead.


Extreme danger ahead
Proceed at your own risk!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Attack!

The dragon lunges at Stephen
with its razor-sharp teeth!

“Stand back!” shouts the deep sea hunter. “I’m a professional!
Looks like we’ll be having dragon burgers for lunch.”

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Copywright 1903 Orville & Wilbur Pavlicek
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