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Open Bridge Quizzes

The following advanced quizzes (most recent first) are open and accepting entries. Each quiz contains six challenging contracts to test your declarer play. Getting on this leaderboard — and staying there — is not easy! Places with a white background can change as entries arrive. Places tinted gold, silver or bronze are permanent, indicating perfect scores (48/48).

QuizEntriesBestFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
Chamber of Horrors6948Perry Groot, NetherlandsDing-Hwa Hsieh, MissouriJoel Wooldridge, New York
Welcome to the Club2448Jonathan Mestel, EnglandPerry Groot, NetherlandsSjaak Smetsers, Netherlands
Diamonds to Graphite1846Wojciech Papuga, PolandDing-Hwa Hsieh, MissouriPerry Groot, Netherlands
Spade Detective Agency2648Ding-Hwa Hsieh, MissouriWojciech Papuga, PolandJonathan Mestel, England
Notrump Insight2148Perry Groot, NetherlandsWojciech Papuga, PolandDing-Hwa Hsieh, Missouri
Valentine's Legacy3648Ding-Hwa Hsieh, MissouriBen Norton, EnglandEddy Choi, Hong Kong
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