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Rosenblum Cup Runneth Over

Effective 2014, the Rosenblum Cup Teams, held quadrennially since 1978, will not be considered a major event. For reasons that defy explanation, the World Bridge Federation has depreciated the format, drastically cutting the number of boards and introducing dealer-vul biased segments of 7 and 14 boards. If this wasn’t enough, they sold vugraph rights to “OurGame” (er, their game as I still claim bridge) whose transcripts are riddled with errors; almost every board exported from their site was fouled. Quite a feat! From a major event to a major joke in one fell swoop. I can assure you that if Julius Rosenblum were still with us, he would demand his name back.

Perhaps four years from now, with the WBF obviously defunct, a new organization will grasp the meaning of a world championship.


© 2014 Richard Pavlicek