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February 2001 Scores

Analyses by Richard Pavlicek

The “Counselor for the Defense” play contest had 204 participants, and everyone scoring above average is listed here. Ties in the rankings are broken by the date and time of submission (earliest wins). At the end of this page is a “Bot’s Eye View,” which shows how various computer programs fared.

Top 5051Location RankingBot’s Eye View

Participation Stats
Number of participants204
Number of locations68
Highest score58
Median score38
Lowest score16
Average score37.19

Top 50 Places

158UKenJohn ReardonC 10H 10S 2D 7H 2C 5
257PTManuel PauloC 10H 4S 2D 7H 2C 5
355FRFrancois DellacherieS 7H 10S 2C KH QC 5
453UKenGareth BirdsallH JH 4S 2C KH 2C 5
553RORadu MihaiC 10H 4S 2C KH QC 5
652HRTonci TomicS 7H 4C 5D 7H QC 5
752AUBill PowellH JH 10C 5D 7H 2C 5
852USmaJonathan WeinsteinC 10H 10C 5D 7H QC 5
951INSivakumar SalemH JH 4S 2C KH QC 5
1051UKLydia SternC 10H 4C 5C KH 2C 5
1150CHJohn WeisweilerC 10H 4D 6D 7H 2C 5
1249INNeelotpal SahaiC 10H 4S 2S 7D 3C 5
1349USEd MichaelsC 10H 4S 2D 7C 6D 10
1448USwaJosh SinnettH JH 10C 5D 7C 6C 5
1548USpaSteve WhiteH JH 10C 5D 7C 6C 5
1647SEPer-Ola CullinC 10S 4S 2C KD 3H 6
1747HKHongyan ChenH JH 4C 5C KH QC 5
1847HUGyula ArgayC 10H 4H 9S 7H 2C 5
1947TWSuyu ChiuH JH 4C 5D 7C 6C 5
2046INSubbu ViswanathanC 10D JC 5D 7H 2C 5
2146USJane EasonC 10H 10C 5C KD 3H 6
2246INArvind RanasariaH JH 10C 5D 7H QD 10
2345USnyBarry RigalH JH 4S 2C KH QS 9
2445ILAvi BergerD 9D JC 5D 7H 2H 6
2545USmnBrian WeikleC 10H 10C 5S 7C 6C 5
2645EEMeelis TiitsonC 10H 10C 5C KC 6H 6
2745AUBill JacobsC 10S 4S 2C KD 3S J
2845INArvind NimbalkerC 10H 4C 5C 2C 6C 5
2945UScaRich PavlicekC 10S 4D 6D 7H 2H 6
3045CAabDaniel BertrandH JH 10C 5D 7C 6H 6
3145TWGin-Yu YangH JH 4C 5C KC 6C 5
3245UScaJohn R. MayneH JS 4C 5C KH QC 5
3344INVenkatesh RamaratnamC 10H 10C 5S 7H QH 6
3444SETommy JanssonC 10H 10C 5C KH QS 9
3544USilCharles BlairC 10D 5S 2S 7H QC 5
3644ARRaul MartinoC 10H 4C 5D 7D 3S 9
3744CHOlivier La SpadaC 10S 4C 5D 7C 6H 6
3844NLOnno EskesC 10H 10D 6S 7H QC 5
3943USBogdan FilcH JH 10C 5S 7C 6C 5
4043CAonDale FreemanD 9S 4D 6C KH QH 6
4143USflAlan KravetzD 9S 4D AC 2H QC 5
4243INGovindarajan SrinivasanD 9H 4C 5S 7C 6H 6
4343NLDick HermansC 10H 4H 9D 7C 6S J
4442FIMatti RonkaD 9D JS 2C 2D 3H 6
4542USJim MaD 9H 4D 6D 7C 6S 9
4642USakRick KellyH JS 4S 2C KD 3S 9
4742SEJohnny JohanssonH JH 10C 5C 2D 3H 6
4842INGowniyan VaideeshwarH JH 4D 6C 2H QC 5
4942CAonVinay SarinH JH 4C 5C KC 6H 6
5042PLMarcin PrzywitowskiH JH 4H 9S 7H 2H 6

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All Others Above Average

5142AUDinu RaducanuH JH 4D 6D 7D 3H 6
5242NLFrans BuijsenS 7H 4D AS 7H 2H 6
5342CAnsDel KnoxC 10S 4C 5S 7C 6C 5
5442TWWen-Lung HuangH JH 4D 6C KC 6C 5
5542TRUfuk CotukC 10H 10D AS 7H 2H 6
5642RULeonid UlanovskyC 10D 5C 5D 7H QH 6
5742USnmMark JonesH JH 10C 5S 7H QH 6
5841CAonCraig BarkhouseH JH 10C 5C KD 3S 9
5941UKenNeil MorgensternH JH 10C 5S 7H 2S 9
6041NLRosalind HengeveldC 10D 5C 5D 7D 3H 6
6141TRHasan GedikH JH 10D 6D 7C 6D 10
6241USneAshish AgarwalC 10H 4C 5S 7C 6H 6
6341CAonDaniel KorbelH JD 5S 2C KH 2S 9
6441SELars-G LarssonH JS 4C 5D 7C 6D 10
6541TWLemon ChiouH JD 5C 5D 7C 6C 5
6641CIBernard PascalC 10S 4C 5C KH QS 9
6740UScaSandy BarnesH JH 4C 5D 7D 10S J
6840SERobert LarssonH JH QC 5C KH 2S J
6940USnyAlvin BluthmanH JH 4C AD 7D 3H 6
7040AUMargaret LindgrenS 7D 5D 6D 7H 2S J
7140NLBas LodderH JS 4C 5S 7H 2D 10
7240TWHang ChangH JH 4C 5C 2C 6H 6
7340SEMichael LindhagenH JH 10C 5C 2C 6D 10
7440NZMichael JohnstoneH JD 5C 5C KD 3C 5
7540UKenJames MatesH JH 4D 6D 7C 6D 10
7640IECiaran CoyneC 10H 4C 5S 7D 3S J
7740UScaRuthanne WilliamsS 7D 5H 9C 2H 2H 6
7840USilJames HudsonH JS 4C 5D 7D 10H 6
7939USnyFranco BaseggioC 10D 5C 5S 7D 3C 5
8039NOMagnus SkaarH JH 4C 5S 7C 6H 6
8139SELennart FredrikssonH JH 4C AD 7C 6H 6
8239ROHoria GarbeaC 10S 4H 9S 7D 3H 6
8339UScaGrant PeacockC 10D 5D 6S 7H 2C 5
8439AUSartaj HansC 10D 5C 5S 7H 2H 6
8539UKSteven WhitakerH JH QS 2D 7D 10S 9
8639USwaHarry SteinerH JH 10C 5S 7D 3S J
8739USnjLeonard HelfgottC 10S 4C 5C KC 6S 9
8839ESSantiago MasiaC 10S 4C 5C 2C 6D 10
8939USSteve WhitmanC 10H 10D AS 7H 2S 9
9039USalBob SimkinsH JD 5C 5D 7D 3H 6
9139CAbcDavid HooeyD 9D 5S 2S JC 6H 6
9239USmiJohn HarrisH JD 5C 5D 7D 3H 6
9339TWI-Don JienH JD 5C 5C KC 6C 5
9438BESebastien LouveauxH JD 5H 9D 7D 3H 6
9538DEJulius LindeH JH 10D 6S 7D 3H 6
9638UKenGordon RainsfordD 9D 5C 5C 2C 6H 6
9738AUNiclas JonssonH JS 4D 6D 7D 3S J
9838USmoJohn NevinH JS 4C 5C KD 3S 9
9938UKenMichael ClarkC 10D JC AD 7H 2H 6
10038USnyJoan AndertonS 7D 5H 9S 7H 2D 10
10138USflHy GlantzD 9S 4D 6C 2S 5C 5
10238RSGoran ErakovicC 10S 4C 5S 7S 5C 5
10338NZPeter OakleyH JH QC 5S 7C 6C 5
10438TWYe-Fon TsaiH JD 5D 6D 7C 6C 5
10538USmdRichard MucciC 10D JC 5S 7H 2H 6
10638PLKonrad CiborowskiH JH 4H 9C KC 6S 9

Names with accented or non-English letters have been converted to an English representation with a 26-letter alphabet. Many people use erratic capitalization, so I determine proper case by algorithm; if this does not correctly display your name, please advise and I will add it to the exception list. If you wish to contact someone whose name you see listed (such as a lost friend) give me permission to send your address to that person, then he or she can contact you. I will not give out e-mail addresses (these are private and go nowhere from me).

Scores 7V23 MainChallengeAnalysesTop February 2001 Scores

Location Ranking

This table lists all the participating locations, ranked by the average score of their entries. The “Best” column shows the best finish (by rank) of any player in that location. Locations with less than five entries are ineligible for the top ranking and grouped separately.

838.1313USUnited States8

1842.0017HKHong Kong2
2142.0053CAnsNova Scotia1
2342.0057USnmNew Mexico1
2541.0010UKUnited Kingdom3
2641.0066CICote d’Ivoire1
2740.5023USnyNew York4
3139.0091CAbcBritish Columbia1
3936.6774NZNew Zealand3
6228.50140USscSouth Carolina2
6427.5087USnjNew Jersey2
6727.00187USncNorth Carolina1

Scores 7V23 MainChallengeAnalysesTop February 2001 Scores

Bot’s Eye View

I thought it would be interesting to see how these problems were answered by various bridge programs, so I asked some of the top software makers (based on evaluations published by Jim Loy) to send me their latest software. All graciously obliged, and the results are shown in the table that follows. (These results are not included in the “number of participants” nor in the calculation of the median or average score.)

Most of the programs had different skill settings (thinking time), and this was set to the highest level. In actual time, GIB took the longest to make its decisions — a factor which taints the comparisons. Nevertheless, there was no practical way to impose an equal time limit, so I let each program do its thing.

Based on only six problems, the rankings below are hardly conclusive and may be somewhat random. For instance, on Problem 1 most programs just continued spades (the suit originally led) which may have been a default action rather than a profound analysis, yet it scored 9 out of 10. Bridge Baron, however, may have determined that a spade continuation was futile as far as being productive and opted to shift; alas, it found a poor shift and scored only 2. I’m only hypothesizing, of course, since I have no idea what went through the little bot minds.

GIB’s performance was impressive, though it was a bit fortunate. On Problem 3 it actually chose the S 10 (burning its high trump) but this would fare as well as the S 2, so I allowed full credit. Similarly, on Problem 5 it curiously chose the H 8, which was essentially the same as the H 2. I guess GIB doesn’t like deuces.

On Problem 6, none of the programs found the holdup of the C A (Bridge Buff came close, holding up one round) so I had to force this condition to reach the problem. Hence, the killing club return found only by Finesse Bridge would not have occurred in real life, or should a say, in bot life.

HAL had been in the shop for years and recently had its circuits overhauled; all of its old transistors were replaced with state-of-the-art microchips. Amazingly, it now found the best lead on every problem — unfortunately, this was for declarer.

February 2001 Rankings
RankScoreCCProgram version123456
148USGIB 4.1.2S 7D JS 2D 7H 2H 6
242CABridge Buff 8.0H JS 4H 9D 7D 3H 6
339DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1S 7D JH 9D 7C 6H 6
436JPMicro Bridge 9.01S 7D JH 9C 2D 3H 6
532UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.0S 7D JC 5H AD 3H 6
631USFinesse Bridge 2.5S 7D JC AS JC 6C 5
727USBridge Baron 11.0H 7D JH 9H AH 2H 6
89USHAL 9000H AD JC AH AS 5S 7

Bots Tested (alphabetical)
Blue Chip BridgeIan Trackman and Mike Whittaker
Bridge BaronTom Throop and Stephen Smith
Bridge BuffDoug Bennion
Finesse BridgeMark and Aaron Marin
GIBMatthew Ginsberg
HALSomeone with a warped mind
Micro BridgeTomio and Yumiko Uchida
Q-plus BridgeHans Leber

Scores 7V23 MainChallengeAnalysesTop February 2001 Scores

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