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About the Data Files

Adopt the RBN format! You’ll like it!

Bridge data files prepared by Richard Pavlicek are in RBN, an intuitive text format that is compact and flexible. For details see Richard's Bridge Notation. While RBN files are readable, albeit with considerable eyestrain, this is not the intended purpose; like any data format, they are designed for manipulation by software.

The goal of this archive is to present all recorded data since 1996 of four major events: Vanderbilt, Spingold, U.S. Championship, and World Championship. Note that all are team events with IMP scoring. (This writer does not consider matchpoint events to be a test of real bridge.) A few events are missing and the data may not exist, most notably the 2003 Vanderbilt — no, I did not burn the records after losing to Meckwell in the final. If anyone knows of an existing transcript of a missing event, or additional data for any event, please write me (

These data files have been cleaned of errors (flagrant in original transcripts) by checking against alternate sources, as well by applying common sense to resolve conflicts. All data has been verified to be accurate bridgewise, but this does not necessarily mean it reflects exactly what happened at the table. Recording errors may exist, as vugraph operators who enter the data are only human.

To properly download an RBN data file to your computer, right click* on the link and select “Save target as.” A box will appear so you can save the file in the folder of your choice.

*If you left click, the file will be displayed by most browsers. If you then select “Save as,” it will be saved as an HTML file, which may corrupt the data.

Alert! The entire database of 40,069 deals (80,138 results) from 72 events is now included with the Bridge File Converter available on the Bridge Utilities page.


About Copyright

Data collected from bridge matches (deals, auctions, play sequences) is considered to be in the public domain and not subject to copyright. Thus, even though the accuracy of this data has been improved by my efforts, the files are not my property (or anyone’s for that matter) and may be used or distributed as desired.

The public-domain status applies only to plain data. Whenever commentary, analyses, prepared scoring tables, or any other form of expression is involved, that part becomes copyright to the author.


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