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Start the Countdown!

Fill in the missing North-South bids and answer each question about the play.

1. S A 10 8 2WestNorthEastSouth
None VulH K Q 10 4
D K 7Pass
C 8 5 4
Lead: C K 
 All Pass
S K J 5
H A J 8 7 5
D J 9 3
3 H SouthC J 7

East overtakes the C K with the ace and returns the C 6 to your jack and West’s queen. At trick three West shifts to the D 4.

How many clubs did West probably start with?

Who likely has the D Q?

Which diamond do you play from dummy?

Which opponent is likely to have longer spades?

How will you play spades?

A. Cash the S K-A then lead a third spade
B. Win the S A then lead the two and finesse the jack
C. Win the S K then run the jack through West


2. S K 10 9 3WestNorthEastSouth
N-S VulH 8 5 4 3
D 10 3
C K 6 4
 Table2 NT15 D
Lead: D A 
 PassAll Pass
S A Q J 7 6 2
H A K 6
D 6

1. minors

5 S SouthC A J 7

West next leads the D 5 to East’s king which you ruff. You win the S K (both follow) and the S A, on which West pitches the D 4.

Based on the bidding, how are the enemy diamonds probably divided?

How many clubs did West probably start with?

…how many hearts?

Who probably has C Q?

What is the best play?

A. Win the H A-K, C A-K then lead a club
B. Win the H A-K, C A-K then lead a heart
C. Give up a heart; if the hearts do not break, try the club finesse


3. S K Q 8 4 2WestNorthEastSouth
N-S VulH Q 2
D A 9 8 3
C 7 2
 TablePass3 C
Lead: D K 
 5 CPass
S A 3
H A K 7 6 5 4 3
D J 10 5
6 H SouthC A

You win the D A and East plays the six. You next lead the H 2 to your king, on which West annoyingly shows out, pitching a club.

At least, how many clubs did East start with?

What is the chance (%) that spades will break 3-3?

Which opponent will have the spade length?

Who has the D Q?

What is the best play?

A. Win the S A-K-Q to discard a diamond
B. Win the S A-K and ruff a spade to establish the long spade
C. Win the H Q, C A, H A, then give East his trump trick


© 1994 Richard Pavlicek