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Michaels Is Cool

You are playing with a new partner and had very little time to go over a convention card. One thing partner insisted on playing was Michaels and, sure enough, it comes up right away.

For the first round you sit down against what looks like a couple of rock musicians. You say hello, and they look at each other briefly and answer “Cool.” Everyone reaches for the cards and you pick up:

None Vul

S A Q 10 5
H Q 6 2
D 4 3
C K 5 4 3

Mr. Cool on your left opens 1 S and partner makes a direct cue-bid of 2 S. The guy on your right says “Far out, man” which you interpret as a pass. Which suit must partner always have on this auction? _____

How many suits does he show altogether? _____

Typically, what is the minimum lengths of these suits? _____

Keeping in mind you are forced to bid regardless of your hand, what is your response? _____

This appears to excite partner, as he goes immediately to 4 NT. The next hand mutters something like “Askin’ for the wood, man” but it really must be a pass. What is your next bid? _____

Partner jumps to 6 H and everyone passes. Mr. Cool on your left says, “Let’s dive with the five,” as he tosses the H 5 onto the table. The dummy comes down, and this is what you see:

6 H South

S 4
H A K J 10 9
D A K Q 9 8
C 7 2
Lead: H 5Table
S A Q 10 5
H Q 6 2
D 4 3
C K 5 4 3

How many top tricks do you have in total? _____

Which suit do you expect to provide two more tricks? _____

Which suit(s) might provide another trick? _____

How many high-card points are outstanding? _____

Do you think East might have the C A or the S K? _____

You win the H K in dummy (East follows). What do you lead at trick two? _____

Everyone follows. What do you lead next? _____

Everyone follows, and the jack falls from West. What do you lead next? _____

Which card do you play from your hand? _____

West discards a spade. What do you lead next? _____ TopMain

You draw the outstanding trumps (West had two) and cash the rest of the diamonds to reach this ending with North on lead:

6 H South

S 4
H 10 9
C 7 2
North leadsTable
S A Q 10
C K 5

The cool dudes appear to have no problems (what do you expect?). West calmly threw three spades and a club, and East is just humming tunes. What do you lead next? _____

What do you discard from your hand? _____

West discards the C J. What do you lead next? _____

What do you discard from your hand? _____

West discards the C Q. There are now just three cards left, and your play is crucial. What do you lead to wake up these dudes? _____

Excellent! West is forced to win, East stops humming, and almost in unison you hear “Like, wow!”

Here are the E-W hands:

S K J 8 6 2
H 8 5
D J 2
C A Q J 8
TableS 9 7 3
H 7 4 3
D 10 7 6 5
C 10 9 6


4 H
5 D
C + S
D 8
H 6
Play:H 10
S 10
H 9
C 5

© 2013 Richard Pavlicek