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Preemptive Bids

Opening suit bids or jump suit overcalls from 3 C to 5 D

When and How High To Preempt

Your hand should contain 1
a 7+ card suit or a strong 6 card suit
no more than 10 HCP (usually 5-8 HCP)
no side 4 card major Q-x-x-x or better
Count your playing tricks
Estimate how many tricks you are likely to win if your long suit is trumps, then
Add how much you may overbid by
Vulnerable vs. nonvulnerableadd 2 tricks
Equal vulnerabilityadd 3 tricks
Nonvulnerable vs. vulnerableadd 4 tricks
If the final total is
8 tricks or lesspass 2
9+ tricksbid for that many tricks 3

1 If partner has passed, these requirements are not strict.

2 Unless your hand qualifies for a weak two-bid.

3 But do not bid beyond the level of game in your suit. TopMain

Responses to a Preemptive Bid

3 D

General guidelines
Add the tricks you can provide 4 to the tricks partner showed (remember that he has overbid by 2, 3 or 4 tricks). Usually you will pass or raise partner’s suit (only 1 trump is needed). In rare cases you may bid an unbid suit with 6+ cards (forcing if below game) or 3 NT with 2+ cards in partner’s suit and stoppers in the other suits.

4 Only aces and kings are apt to provide tricks for partner. TopMain

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