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Opening Bids

  by Richard Pavlicek

How to open the bidding
(also see Weak Two-Bids and Preemptive Bids)

Choosing Your Opening Bid

With a balanced hand

13-15 HCP 1 2open 1 of a suitN
16-18 HCP 1open 1 NTN
19-20 HCP 1open 1 of a suitN
21-22 HCP 1open 2 NTN
23-24 HCPopen 2 CF
25-26 HCPopen 3 NTN
27+ HCPopen 2 CF

With any hand

13-22 points 2 3open 1 of a suitN
23+ pointsopen 2 CF

1 Experienced players often lower these ranges to 12-14, 15-17, 18-19 and 20-22, respectively. The point-count requirement for responses, however, does not change — the bottom line is that you sometimes get to a more aggressive contract; hence you need to play the cards well.

2 With less than 14 total points you should have at least 2 quick tricks (AK = 2, AQ = 1.5, A = 1, KQ = 1, K = 0.5).

3 In third or fourth seat you may open with 11 or more points (no quick-trick requirement). When opening light in third seat it is desirable to have a good suit; in fourth seat it is desirable to have length in the major suits, especially spades.

Which Suit To Bid

When opening with one of a suit, if you have

a 5+ card suitbid your longest suit
5-5 or 6-6 shapebid higher suit
no 5+ card suitbid longer minor
4-4 in the minorsbid 1 D
3-3 in the minorsbid stronger minor

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