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Point Count

  by Richard Pavlicek

How to evaluate a bridge hand

High-Card Points

For all bidding

each Ace4 points
each King3 points
each Queen2 points
each Jack1 point

Also, if your hand contains

any combination of 4 aces and tens1 point

Distributional Points

For all suit bidding 1

each Void3 points
each Singleton 22 points
each Doubleton 31 point

1 Do not count these points in partner’s bid suit unless a trump fit is known to exist in some other suit.

2 Do not count if the singleton is a king or queen. Add only 1 point for a singleton jack (in effect you are counting the singleton as 2 and ignoring the 1 HCP for the jack).

3 Do not count if doubleton is K-Q, K-J, Q-J, Q-x or J-x.

Declarer Points

When partner raises your suit 4

5th trump if you did not promise 51 point
each trump over 52 points
each side suit card over 31 point

4 These points are added to your previous total, which already includes both HCP and distributional points.

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Dummy Points

When raising partner with 4+ trumps 4

each Void2 points
each Singleton1 point

When you will be the dummy in notrump

each card over 4 in your longest suit
if headed by the queen or better1 point

Point-Count Goals

Add your total points to the points shown by partner to determine a bidding goal.

If your partnership total is

25 points or lessstop as low as possible
26-32 pointsgame in 3 NT, 4 H or 4 S
29-32 pointsgame in 5 C or 5 D
33-36 pointsslam (any 6-bid)
37+ pointsgrand slam (any 7-bid)

Playing Tricks

Use instead of point count for preemptive bids and for bidding extremely freakish hands.

For honor holdings in any suit

A-K-Q3 tricks
A-K-J or A-Q-J2.5 tricks
A-K, A-Q-10 or K-Q-J2 tricks
A-Q, A-J-x, K-Q-x or K-J-101.5 tricks
A, K-Q, K-J, K-10-x or Q-J-x1 trick
K-x, Q-x-x or J-10-x0.5 trick

For length in any suit

each card over 31 trick

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