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Bidding Terminology

Words every bridge player should know

Artificial bid
A bid that is not related to the named suit or notrump; an example is the Stayman 2 C bid
A hand pattern with no singleton or void and at most one doubleton; 4-3-3-3, 4-4-3-2 or 5-3-3-2
A call that names a number and a suit or notrump
Any bid, pass, double or redouble
The final bid; more specifically, the trump suit (or notrump) and the number of tricks required
The ability to win the 1st or 2nd round of a suit at a trump contract; an ace, king, singleton or void
A bid in the enemy suit, not to suggest that suit as trumps but to force partner to bid
The player who deals the cards and is required to make the first call
The player who, for his side, first named the suit or notrump of the final bid and will play the hand
A holding of exactly two cards in a suit
The partner of the declarer
The condition of a bid that partner must not pass and allow it to become the contract
A trick score of 100 or more, which can be made by a bid of at least 3 NT, 4 H, 4 S, 5 C or 5 D
Grand slam
Any seven-bid; a contract to win all 13 tricks
Any of the cards: ace, king, queen, jack or ten
The condition of a bid that requests partner to bid again if his strength is not minimum
Jump bid
A bid that skips one level of bidding
Jump shift
A jump bid in an unbid suit
Natural bid
A bid that shows a desire to play in the named suit or notrump; opposite of an artificial bid
Negative double
A form of takeout double that applies after partner has opened the bidding
The condition of a bid that allows partner to bid or pass according to the merits of his hand
Opening bid
The first bid made in the bidding
A bid as the first action by your side after an opponent has made the opening bid
Penalty double
The normal meaning of a double; i.e., to increase the penalty if the final contract is defeated
Preemptive bid
A bid that skips two or more levels of bidding
Preference bid
A minimum bid in the suit partner bid first after partner has bid a second suit
A bid that increases the level in partner’s bid suit
The second or subsequent bid by the same player
A bid by a player after his partner just previously bid or doubled
The condition of a bid that requires partner to pass
A holding of exactly one card in a suit
Any six-bid; or in general, any six- or seven-bid
Protection in a suit, usually for notrump play, at least as good as the ace, K-x, Q-x-x or J-x-x-x
Takeout double
A double that asks partner to bid
Trump fit
A combined holding between you and partner of at least eight cards in a suit expected to be trumps
Unbid suit
A suit that has not been bid by any player
A holding of no cards in a suit; a blank suit

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